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Summit Tree Sales is the Commercial Grower's One-Stop Source for Fruit Trees

Let Summit Tree Sales take the time and labor out of your fruit tree ordering and handling process. We work with the finest nurseries in the country to help you obtain the trees you need. All at NO cost to you! Let our highly qualified staff work for you!

Current Inventory Availability 2016 (as of 4.28.2016)

The following varieties* are still available for the 2016 crop year. Please call us immediately if you'd like to book these trees: 800-424-2765 or write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Variety Rootstock
Buckeye® Gala (PP10840) Nic 29
Buckeye® Gala (PP10840) Bud 9
Buckeye® Gala (PP10840) Geneva® 41
Firestorm™ Honeycrisp M9-337
Cameron Select™ Honeycrisp    M9-337
Cameron Select™ Honeycrisp    M26
Cameron Select™ Honeycrisp    B. 118
Jonastar® (PP 20590) Bud 9
Co-op 31 WineCrisp™ Apple (PP 20437) Bud 118
Cortland M9
Zestar!® (11367) M9-337
Redfield™ Braeburn EMLA 7
Arkansas Black   EMLA 111
Idared EMLA 7 
Ginger Gold®  EMLA 111


Variety Rootstock
Benton™ Mazzard
Danube® Mazzard
Regina™ Mazzard
Skeena™ Mazzard
Montmorency (small caliper) Mahaleb

*Other variety-rootstock combinations and cider varieties may still be available. Inventories change daily, so call today!