2021 Apple Inventory – 12/8/2020

This inventory shows current availability among multiple nurseries, but prices and quantities will vary. Contact us for up-to-date information on quantities. Also, if you are looking for a variety/rootstock combination not shown on the inventory, it may still be available. For fast results, use the search feature.

The list below shows current availability of varieties and rootstocks. Because inventories change frequently among multiple nurseries, we cannot show live quantities. Contact us directly for availability.
AmbrosiaGeneva® 11
AmbrosiaGeneva® 41
AmbrosiaGeneva® 969
AmbrosiaPajam 2
AmbrosiaM9 (337)
AmbrosiaBud 10®
AmbrosiaGeneva® 935
Aztec Fuji®Geneva® 41
Aztec Fuji®Bud 118
Aztec Fuji®Bud9
Aztec Fuji®M26
Aztec Fuji®M7
Aztec Fuji®Nakb-337
Aztec Fuji®Nic29
Aztec Fuji®Pajam 2
Aztec Fuji®Geneva® 11
Aztec Fuji®Geneva® 210
Aztec Fuji®Geneva® 890
Aztec Fuji®Geneva® 935
BL-14 GalaBud9
BL-14 GalaGeneva® 11
BL-14 GalaGeneva® 41
BL-14 GalaNakb-337
BL-14 GalaNic29
Brookfield® GalaNakb-337
Buckeye® GalaNic29
Buckeye® GalaBud9
Buckeye® GalaGeneva® 935
Buckeye® GalaNakb-337
Buckeye® GalaBud 10®
Buckeye® GalaBud 9 / EMLA 111
Buckeye® GalaGeneva® 41
Cameron Select® HoneycrispBud 118
Cameron Select® HoneycrispBud9
Cameron Select® HoneycrispGeneva® 890
Cameron Select® HoneycrispM106
Cameron Select® HoneycrispVineland 1
Crimson GoldGeneva® 969
DA ROSA®Bud 118
Evercrisp® MAIA1Bud 118
Evercrisp® MAIA1Geneva® 11
Evercrisp® MAIA1Bud 10®
Evercrisp® MAIA1Geneva® 41
Evercrisp® MAIA1Geneva® 935
Evercrisp® MAIA1M26
Evercrisp® MAIA1Nakb-337
Evercrisp® MAIA1Nic29
Evercrisp® MAIA1Bud9
Evercrisp® MAIA1Geneva® 210
Evercrisp® MAIA1Geneva® 890
Evercrisp® MAIA1Geneva® 11
Evercrisp® MAIA1Geneva® 969
Evercrisp® MAIA1Vineland 1
Evercrisp® MAIA1Bud 118
Firestorm™ HoneycrispGeneva® 41
Firestorm™ HoneycrispBud 118
Firestorm™ HoneycrispGeneva® 11
Firestorm™ HoneycrispGeneva® 214
Firestorm™ HoneycrispGeneva® 890
Firestorm™ HoneycrispGeneva® 969
Firestorm™ HoneycrispM106
Firestorm™ HoneycrispNakb-337
Firestorm™ HoneycrispBud 10®
Firestorm™ HoneycrispNic29
Firestorm™ HoneycrispBud9
Firestorm™ HoneycrispVineland 1
Foxtrot GalaBud 10®
Foxtrot GalaGeneva® 41
Foxtrot GalaGeneva® 11
Foxtrot GalaM26
Gale Gala®Bud9
Gale Gala®M106
Gale Gala®M26
Gale Gala®Geneva® 11
Gale Gala®Geneva® 41
Gale Gala®Geneva® 935
Gale Gala®Nakb-337
Gale Gala®Nic29
Gibson Golden DeliciousBud9
Gibson Golden DeliciousNakb-337
Golden RussetBud9
Granny SmithBud9
Granny SmithM26
Granny SmithGeneva® 11
Granny SmithGeneva® 41
Granny SmithGeneva® 890
Granny SmithGeneva® 969
Granny SmithNakb-337
Granny SmithNic29
Granny SmithGeneva® 935
Indian SummerGeneva® 969
Indian SummerM26
Indian SummerNic29
JH GalaGeneva® 11
JH GalaGeneva® 210
JH GalaGeneva® 41
JH GalaNakb-337
Lady in Red®Bud9
Lady in Red®Geneva® 11
Lady in Red®Nakb-337
Lady in Red®Nic29
MinneiskaGeneva® 11
MinneiskaVineland 1
MN55 cv.Bud9
MN55 cv.Nakb-337
MN55 cv.Geneva® 11
MN55 cv.Vineland 1
Morning Mist™Geneva® 890
Pacific GalaBud9
Pink Lady® Barnsby cvBud9
Pink Lady® Barnsby cvNakb-337
Pink Lady® Barnsby cvGeneva® 41
Pink Lady® Barnsby cvNic29
Pink Lady® Cripps cvBud9
Pink Lady® Cripps cvGeneva® 11
Pink Lady® Cripps cvGeneva® 210
Pink Lady® Cripps cvGeneva® 41
Pink Lady® Cripps cvGeneva® 969
Pink Lady® Cripps cvNakb-337
Pink Lady® Ruby PinkBud9
Pink Lady® Ruby PinkNakb-337
Premier Honeycrisp®Geneva® 11
Premier Honeycrisp®Geneva® 202
Premier Honeycrisp®Geneva® 41
Premier Honeycrisp®Geneva® 890
Premier Honeycrisp®Nakb-337
Premier Honeycrisp®Bud9
Premier Honeycrisp®Geneva® 16
Premier Honeycrisp®Bud 10®
Premier Honeycrisp®Nic29
Premier Honeycrisp®Geneva® 210
Premier Honeycrisp®Geneva® 935
Premier Honeycrisp®Vineland 1
Red Cameo®M7
Red RubensBud9
Red RubensM7
Redfield™ BraeburnM7
Rosalee® MAIA11Geneva® 890
Rosalee® MAIA11Nic29
Rosalee® MAIA11Geneva® 11
Roseland Red™ HoneycrispGeneva® 11
Roseland Red™ HoneycrispGeneva® 969
Roseland Red™ HoneycrispNic29
Roseland Red™ HoneycrispGeneva® 890
Rosy Glow, cvBud9
Rosy Glow, cvGeneva® 41
Rosy Glow, cvNakb-337
Royal EmpireGeneva® 890
Royal Red Honeycrisp®M26
Royal Red Honeycrisp®Geneva® 890
Royal Red Honeycrisp®Geneva® 41
Royal Red Honeycrisp®Nakb-337
Royal Red Honeycrisp®Geneva® 202
Royal Red Honeycrisp®Bud9
Royal Red Honeycrisp®Bud 118
Royal Red Honeycrisp®Geneva® 11
Royal Red Honeycrisp®Nic29
Royal Red Honeycrisp®Geneva® 935
Scarlet Spur IIM7
Schlect SpurBud 118
Summerset® MAIA 12Nic29
Summerset® MAIA 12Geneva® 41
Sweet Zinger® MAIA-ZNakb-337
Triumph® (MN80)Bud9
Triumph® (MN80)Bud 10®
Triumph® (MN80)Geneva® 41
Triumph® (MN80)Geneva® 935
Triumph® (MN80)Vineland 1
Ultima® GalaBud9
Ultima® GalaNakb-337
Ultima® GalaNic29
Ultima® GalaGeneva® 890
Wildfire™ GalaGeneva® 41
Wildfire™ GalaGeneva® 11
Wildfire™ GalaNakb-337
Wildfire™ GalaBud9
Wildfire™ GalaVineland 1

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