2024 Apple Tree Inventory

The list below shows the varieties/rootstock availability among multiple nurseries. Availability, order minimums, and prices will vary.

The inventory below shows trees available across multiple nurseries. Not all nursery inventories are currently published, so please contact us for availability on varieties that are not listed.

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Updated 9/13/23

Apple VarietyRootstockQuantity
Albemarle Pippin M7480
Ambrosia Bud 10®126
Ambrosia Bud94833
Ambrosia Geneva® 118627
Ambrosia Geneva® 4117177
Ambrosia Geneva® 9353151
Ambrosia Geneva® 9691750
Ambrosia M1061350
Ambrosia M111796
Ambrosia M263420
Ambrosia M7815
Ambrosia NAKB-3372245
Ambrosia NIC® RN29 1405
Ambrosia (Spring-bud) Geneva® 2106655
Arkansas Black M26234
Autumn Crisp Bud118196
Autumn Crisp Geneva® 11215
Autumn Crisp Geneva® 30682
Autumn Crisp Geneva® 411304
Autumn Crisp Geneva® 935160
Autumn Crisp M7169
Autumn Gala™Black Ctv M7219
Auvil Early Fuji® M263860
Auvil Early Fuji® M7504
Auvil Early Fuji® NAKB-3373945
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 9693625
Aztec Fuji® Bud92440
Aztec Fuji® Bud9/M111924
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 117980
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 4115195
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 9357511
Aztec Fuji® M1063730
Aztec Fuji® M11179
Aztec Fuji® M264320
Aztec Fuji® M73050
Aztec Fuji® NAKB-33717244
Aztec Fuji® NIC® RN29 4400
Aztec Fuji® Pajam 21200
Baldwin M26475
Bigbucks Gala Geneva® 11319
BL-14 Gala Geneva® 1116576
BL-14 Gala Geneva® 411988
BL-14 Gala (Spring-bud) Geneva® 1110768
BL-14 M9-337 FIELD NAKB-337479
Blondee® Geneva® 11401
Bonita™ M111284
Bonita™ M7216
Bonnie's Best M730
Brookfield® Gala Bud9353
Brookfield® Gala Geneva® 11256
Brookfield® Gala Geneva® 413404
Brookfield® Gala Geneva® 935270
Brookfield® Gala M260
Buckeye® Gala Bud 10®154
Buckeye® Gala Bud9462
Buckeye® Gala Bud9/M111864
Buckeye® Gala Geneva® 119756
Buckeye® Gala Geneva® 413158
Buckeye® Gala Geneva® 93510334
Buckeye® Gala Geneva® 9696640
Buckeye® Gala NIC® RN29 4680
Buckeye® Prime Gala Geneva® 11960
Cameron Select® (Honeycrisp, cv.) Bud1181220
Cameron Select® (Honeycrisp, cv.) Geneva® 111054
Chrisolyn® Jonathan Geneva® 112084
Chrisolyn® Jonathan Geneva® 41787
Cordera Bud 10®1310
Cordera Geneva® 20240
Cordera Geneva® 93540
Cordera Geneva® 96920
Cortland Geneva® 1162
Cortland Bud91920
Cortland Geneva® 4138
Cortland M111250
Cortland M261405
Cortland M71290
CosmicCrisp® (WA 38 cv.) Bud 10®828
CosmicCrisp® (WA 38 cv.) Geneva® 1122436
CosmicCrisp® (WA 38 cv.) Geneva® 214730
CosmicCrisp® (WA 38 cv.) Geneva® 935290
CosmicCrisp® (WA 38 cv.) Geneva® 9695070
CosmicCrisp® (WA 38 cv.) NAKB-33715660
Crimson Jonagold M2640
Crimson Topaz Geneva® 935140
Crimson® Gold (Svatava Cltv.) Bud9/M11167
Crimson® Gold (Svatava Cltv.) M111716
CrimsonCrisp® Bud118244
CrimsonCrisp® Bud93269
CrimsonCrisp® Geneva® 116053
CrimsonCrisp® Geneva® 20295
CrimsonCrisp® Geneva® 890810
CrimsonCrisp® Geneva® 9353503
CrimsonCrisp® Geneva® 969894
CrimsonCrisp® M10640
CrimsonCrisp® M1112014
CrimsonCrisp® M261060
CrimsonCrisp® M72018
Crown™Empire(Crist Cltv.) Bud11866
Crown™Empire(Crist Cltv.) Geneva® 111135
Crown™Empire(Crist Cltv.) Geneva® 935704
Crown™Empire(Crist Cltv.) M111111
Crown™Empire(Crist Cltv.) M7195
DA ROSA®(GoldenParsiCv)PP#22859 Geneva® 112124
DA ROSA®(GoldenParsiCv)PP#22859 Geneva® 9351449
Dandee Red® Geneva® 11226
Dandee Red® Geneva® 89071
Dandee Red® M7230
Daybreak™Fuji Geneva® 935168
Daybreak™Fuji M791
Earligold Geneva® 30383
Early Goldrush M111380
Enterprise Bud9869
Enterprise Geneva® 935125
Enterprise Geneva® 4155
Enterprise Geneva® 890179
Enterprise M111350
Enterprise M7186
Enterprise NIC® RN29 148
Evercrisp® MAIA1 Bud 10®10587
Evercrisp® MAIA1 Bud94511
Evercrisp® MAIA1 Geneva® 1111972
Evercrisp® MAIA1 Geneva® 4112500
Evercrisp® MAIA1 Geneva® 9351186
Evercrisp® MAIA1 Geneva® 9692320
Evercrisp® MAIA1 NAKB-3376427
Firecracker® Bud 10®560
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Bud 10®8840
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Bud11818200
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Bud93919
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 1128640
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 2149080
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 414100
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 8906040
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 935530
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 96924796
Firestorm Honeycrisp® M1063662
Firestorm Honeycrisp® M111636
Firestorm Honeycrisp® NAKB-33737229
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Pajam 212750
Firestorm Honeycrisp® V. 12690
Foxtrot Gala® Geneva® 9699525
Foxtrot Gala® NIC® RN29 6350
Foxtrot Gala® Pajam 212750
Freedom Geneva® 4165
Freedom Geneva® 890167
Freedom M7142
Freedom NIC® RN29 168
Fuji #12 Bud950
Fuji Supreme™ Geneva® 11113
Fuji Supreme™ Geneva® 411202
Fuji Supreme™ NAKB-3371448
Fulford Gala Geneva® 1169
Galarina Geneva® 202110
Galarina Geneva® 4120
Galarina M111108
Galaval Geneva® 11341
Galaval NAKB-3373370
Gale Gala® Bud93144
Gale Gala® Geneva® 115460
Gale Gala® Geneva® 4111845
Gale Gala® Geneva® 9351070
Gale Gala® M106742
Gale Gala® M26965
Gale Gala® M72007
Gale Gala® NAKB-33726310
Gale Gala® NIC® RN29 12045
Galy™ Inobi cv Geneva® 969465
GingerGold Bud9200
GingerGold Geneva® 4134
GingerGold Geneva® 935100
GingerGold Geneva® 96962
GingerGold M261055
GingerGold M7236
GingerGold NAKB-337735
Golden Delicious (Gibson cv) Bud 10®28
Golden Delicious (Gibson cv) Bud92085
Golden Delicious (Gibson cv) Geneva® 115070
Golden Delicious (Gibson cv) Geneva® 41113
Golden Delicious (Gibson cv) Geneva® 9351076
Golden Delicious (Gibson cv) M264011
Golden Delicious (Gibson cv) M71481
Golden Delicious (Gibson cv) NAKB-3374500
Golden Delicious (Wafler strain) Bud93425
Golden Delicious (Wafler strain) Geneva® 411036
Goldrush Bud91335
Goldrush Geneva® 11814
Goldrush Geneva® 41120
Goldrush Geneva® 9351790
Goldrush Geneva® 969879
Goldrush M1111094
Goldrush M26150
Goldrush M72355
Granny Smith Bud1181534
Granny Smith Geneva® 111945
Granny Smith Geneva® 2104265
Granny Smith M11150
Granny Smith M263995
Granny Smith NAKB-3379095
Granny Smith Pajam 29400
Granny Smith CVI Geneva® 2148691
Grimes Golden Bud9145
Grimes Golden M7259
Haralson Bud940
Heliodor Geneva® 935140
Heliodor Geneva® 969465
Honeycrisp (MINNB42) Bud9/M111507
Honeycrisp (MINNB42) Geneva® 9692043
Honeycrisp (MINNB42) M111734
Honeycrisp (MN1711) Bud9300
Honeycrisp (MN1711) Geneva® 214310
Honeycrisp (MN1711) Geneva® 41439
Honeycrisp (MN1711) Geneva® 8901346
Honeycrisp (MN1711) Geneva® 9351515
Honeycrisp (MN1711) Geneva® 969500
Honeycrisp (MN1711) M11183
Honeycrisp (MN1711) M263965
Honeycrisp (MN1711) M7983
Honeycrisp (MN1711) NIC® RN29 107
Honeygold M735
Idared Bud 10®19
Idared Bud1181216
Idared Bud9150
Idared Geneva® 935199
Idared M106670
Idared M11174
Imp Red Jonathan(Snyder Cltv) M106150
Indian Summer Geneva® 11700
Indian Summer Geneva® 969940
Indian Summer M261907
Indian Summer Geneva® 9354960
Indian Summer CVI Geneva® 93532
Indian Summer CVI NIC® RN29 6018
Initial Geneva® 93560
Initial M111492
JH Gala Bud 10®1620
JH Gala Geneva® 1110000
JH Gala Geneva® 2105000
JH Gala Geneva® 4113860
JH Gala Geneva® 89010740
JH Gala Geneva® 969950
JH Gala NAKB-3374180
Jonagold Bud9150
Jonastar® Jonagold Bud 10®150
Jonastar® Jonagold Geneva® 11430
Jonastar® Jonagold Geneva® 41968
Jonathan Bud990
Kingston Black M116470
Kumeu Crimson® Braeburn Bud 10®45
Kumeu Crimson® Braeburn Geneva® 935168
Kundos™ (MN33 Cltv.) Geneva® 11570
Lady in Red® Geneva® 111188
Lady in Red® Geneva® 2023080
Lady in Red® Geneva® 9694190
Lady in Red® M7425
Lady in Red® NAKB-3378495
Lady in Red® CVI NIC® RN29 1544
Legacy™ Gala (DRF 28 Cltv.) PPAF Bud9/M1111215
Legacy™ Jonagold (JHB 619 Cltv.) PPAF Geneva® 11243
Liberty Bud9200
Liberty Geneva® 935250
Liberty M1111165
Liberty M72133
LindaMac® Bud9126
LindaMac® Geneva® 93576
Lodi M797
Lucy™ Glo Howell TC3 cv Geneva® 1197
Macoun Bud9507
Macoun Geneva® 11273
Macoun Geneva® 4151
Macoun M26655
MAIA 11 Rosalee™ Bud 10®73
MAIA 11 Rosalee™ Bud9175
MAIA 11 Rosalee™ Geneva® 11136
MAIA 11 Rosalee™ Geneva® 4161
MAIA 11 Rosalee™ NAKB-337272
MAIA 12 Summerset™ Bud9620
MAIA 12 Summerset™ Geneva® 1128
MAIA 12 Summerset™ Geneva® 4141
MAIA 12 Summerset™ NAKB-337414
MAIA 7 Crunch a Bunch Geneva® 41146
MAIA-L Ludacrisp® Bud118181
MAIA-L Ludacrisp® Bud91630
MAIA-L Ludacrisp® Geneva® 111628
MAIA-L Ludacrisp® Geneva® 4145
MAIA-SM Sweet MAIA™ Bud 10®510
MAIA-SM Sweet MAIA™ Bud91490
MAIA-SM Sweet MAIA™ Bud9/M111289
MAIA-SM Sweet MAIA™ Geneva® 113255
Manchurian crab Bud944
Manchurian crab Geneva® 9351300
Manchurian crab M71400
Manchurian crab NAKB-3374115
Manchurian crab Pajam 2800
MDW20-100 Bud 10®40
MDW20-100 Bud9182
Melrose Geneva® 11106
Melrose M7251
Minneiska cv. Geneva® 890860
MN33 Bud91670
MN33 Geneva® 11750
MN33 Geneva® 41750
MN55 Geneva® 414210
MN55 Geneva® 9691850
Mt. Blanc crab Geneva® 11442
Mt. Blanc crab Geneva® 9351088
Mt. Blanc crab M264651
Mt. Blanc crab NIC® RN29 2907
Mt. Evereste crab Geneva® 21456
Mt. Evereste crab Geneva® 9359871
Mt. Evereste crab Geneva® 9691000
Mt. Evereste crab M265535
Mt. Evereste crab NAKB-3371700
Mt. Evereste crab NIC® RN29 4934
Mutsu Bud92170
Mutsu M26125
Nittany Bud9269
Nittany M7126
Northern Spy Bud9200
Nova Mac M7814
Nova Spy M111124
Novamac Bud9200
Pink Lady® Barnsby M106171
Pink Lady® Cripps cv. Pajam 21375
Pink Lady® Ruby Pink cv Geneva® 111609
Pink Lady® Ruby Pink cv Geneva® 2104998
Pink Lady® Ruby Pink cv Geneva® 417810
Pink Luster® Bud 10®1070
Pioneer™ Mac(Greiner) Bud9/M111340
Pioneer™ Mac(Greiner) Geneva® 11249
Pioneer™ Mac(Greiner) M7269
Pitts Gala Bud 10®589
Pitts Gala Geneva® 11103
Pixie Crunch™ Geneva® 4162
Premier Honeycrisp™ Geneva® 11870
Premier Honeycrisp™ Geneva® 8901570
Premier Honeycrisp™ Geneva® 9352398
Premier Honeycrisp™ Geneva® 969271
Pristine™ Bud9150
Pristine™ M26225
Pristine™ M7115
Red Cameo® M1062590
Red Cameo® M7119
Red Cameo® NAKB-3371360
Red Cortland Bud940
Red Gravenstein M11190
Red Gravenstein M768
Red Graventstein Geneva® 9352070
Red Haralson M731
Red King Red Flesh Bud91110
Red King Red Flesh M71270
Red McIntosh M7110
Red Winesap Geneva® 11674
Redfield® Braeburn M26535
Redfield® Braeburn M71475
RedRidge® Gala Bud9211
RedRidge® Gala M260
Rhode Island Greening M11142
Ribston Pippin M116780
Rising Sun® Fuji Bud9100
Rising Sun® Fuji Geneva® 4146
Rogers Red Mcintosh Bud9150
Rogers Red Mcintosh Geneva® 3041
Rome M260
Rome Beauty Bud118144
Rome Law Bud956
Roseland Red Honeycrisp® Bud 10®1758
Roseland Red Honeycrisp® Bud9200
Roseland Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 4127
Roseland Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 935330
Roseland Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 9697843
Roseland Red Honeycrisp® NAKB-3372225
Royal Court® Bud 10®3739
Royal Court® Bud91732
Royal Court® Geneva® 11124
Royal Court® M1111392
Royal Court® M71115
Royal Court® NAKB-337309
Royal Court® NIC® RN29 37
Royal Crimson® Topaz PP#18895 Bud9336
Royal Crimson® Topaz PP#18895 Geneva® 1173
Royal Crimson® Topaz PP#18895 Geneva® 4114
Royal Empire™ Geneva® 11451
Royal Empire™ Geneva® 41166
Royal Empire™ Geneva® 890221
Royal Empire™ M260
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 1172563
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 2024115
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 4118970
Royal Red Honeycrisp® M1062225
Royal Red Honeycrisp® M75369
Royal Red Honeycrisp® NAKB-33736038
Royal Red Honeycrisp® NIC® RN29 108034
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Bud9107
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 165648
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 9692500
Royal Red Honeycrisp® CVI Geneva® 11160228
Royal Red Honeycrisp® CVI Geneva® 4188363
Royal Red Honeycrisp® CVI Geneva® 96960000
Rubinstar® Jonagold Bud944
Rubymac® Bud118322
Rubymac® Bud92911
Rubymac® Geneva® 114042
Rubymac® Geneva® 411734
Rubymac® NAKB-337764
Rubymac® NIC® RN29 32
RubyRush™ Bud 10®1308
RubyRush™ Bud9183
RubyRush™ Geneva® 112270
RubyRush™ M1113051
RubyRush™ M72156
Sansa Geneva® 11584
Sansa M774
Scarlet Spur II Red Delicious M1064105
Scarlet Spur II Red Delicious M1111390
Scarlet Spur II Red Delicious M263050
Schlect Spur Red Delicious Geneva® 1170
Schlect Spur Red Delicious M26308
September Wonder® Fuji Bud118250
Shizuka Bud9307
Shizuka Geneva® 111000
Shizuka Geneva® 935140
Shizuka M7261
Smeralda Geneva® 11482
Smeralda Geneva® 210283
Smeralda M111606
Smokehouse Bud9263
Smokehouse M111162
Smokehouse M7286
Snapp™ Stayman Bud960
Snapp™ Stayman Geneva® 11451
Snapp™ Stayman M71096
Snowdrift crab Bud9294
Snowdrift crab Geneva® 11938
Snowdrift crab Geneva® 93513685
Snowdrift crab M266355
Snowdrift crab NAKB-3375125
Snowdrift crab NIC® RN29 2901
Snowdrift crab Pajam 22300
Snowsweet Bud9180
Story® Inored Geneva® 890231
Story® Inored Geneva® 969465
Story® Inored M111122
Summer Mac (Arends Cltv.) Bud944
Summer Mac (Arends Cltv.) M111734
Summer Treat Geneva® 1127
Sun Fuji™ Bud948
Suncrisp® (NJ 55 Cltv) M7133
Super Chief Red Delicious Geneva® 935405
Super Chief Red Delicious M72757
Taylor Rome M1111935
Triumph® Bud91990
Triumph® Geneva® 935400
Triumph® Geneva® 113304
Triumph® M7655
Triumph® NAKB-337565
Triumph® 830
Ultima™ Gala Geneva® 11457
Wealthy Geneva® 935100
Wealthy M731
Wildfire™ Gala Bud9/M111622
Wildfire™ Gala Geneva® 115142
Wildfire™ Gala Geneva® 21059
Wildfire™ Gala Geneva® 412590
Williams Pride Bud975
Williams Pride Geneva® 935120
Wiltons® Red Jonaprince Bud92136
Wiltons® Red Jonaprince Bud9/M111500
Wiltons® Red Jonaprince Geneva® 11193
Wiltons® Red Jonaprince M106985
Winecrisp Geneva® 11867
Wolf River M736
Yarlington Mill M116460
Yellow Transparent Bud9150
Yellow Transparent M7173
Zestar!® Geneva® 890278

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