2024 Cherry Tree Inventory

The list below shows the varieties/rootstock availability among multiple nurseries. Availability, order minimums, and prices will vary.

The inventory below shows trees available across multiple nurseries. Not all nursery inventories are currently published, so please contact us for availability on varieties that are not listed.

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Updated 9/13/23

Cherry VarietyRootstockQuantity
Attika® Gisela® 664
Attika® Krymsk® 685
Attika® Mazzard273
Balaton® Mazzard2760
Benton Corette® 1 (Cass)486
Benton Corette® 2 (Clare)337
Benton Corette® 3 (Clinton)311
Benton Corette® 4 (Crawford)213
Benton Gisela® 123152
Benton Gisela® 6693
Benton Krymsk® 6249
Benton Mazzard1480
Benton® CVI Krymsk® 5224
Bing Gisela® 12127
Bing Gisela® 6683
Bing Krymsk® 5109
Bing Krymsk® 61487
Bing Mahaleb67
Bing Mazzard3639
Black Gold® Mazzard722
Black Tartarian Colt10
Black Tartarian Mahaleb582
Black Tartarian Mazzard223
BlackPearl® Krymsk® 6572
BlackPearl® Mahaleb359
BlackPearl® Mazzard6600
BlackPearl® Gisela® 610000
BlackPearl® CVI Krymsk® 627
BlackYork Mazzard1215
Brooks Krymsk® 51492
Brooks Mahaleb272
Brooks Maxma® 1468
Brooks Mazzard110
BurgundyPearl® Gisela® 1220
BurgundyPearl® Gisela® 63879
Chelan Krymsk® 6155
Chelan™ Gisela® 61045
Chelan™ Krymsk® 53175
Chelan™ Mahaleb125
Chelan™ Maxma® 141850
Chelan™ Mazzard2757
Chelan™ CVI Gisela® 685
Chelan™ CVI Mazzard15
Coral Champagne Gisela® 1210195
Coral Champagne Gisela® 611795
Coral Champagne Krymsk® 57760
Coral Champagne Mahaleb2616
Coral Champagne Maxma® 14347
Coral Champagne Mazzard12040
Coral Champagne CVI Gisela® 12125
Cristalina™ Gisela® 6200
Cristalina™ Mazzard270
Cristalina™ CVI Krymsk® 5320
Danube Mazzard1360
Early Robin Gisela® 63195
Early Robin Weigi™ STO2978
EbonyPearl® Gisela® 1260
EbonyPearl® Gisela® 610353
EbonyPearl® Krymsk® 51585
EbonyPearl® Mazzard320
Emperor Francis Mazzard41
Fertille Maxma® 14930
Garnet Girl™ V84031 cv Maxma® 14840
Gold Corette® 1 (Cass)85
Gold Corette® 2 (Clare)86
Gold Corette® 3 (Clinton)95
Gold Corette® 4 (Crawford)139
Gold Gisela® 1240
Gold Gisela® 6700
Gold Mazzard60
Jubileum® Mazzard819
Lapins Gisela® 12109
Lapins Krymsk® 5257
Lapins Maxma® 602400
Lapins Mazzard266
Lapins CVI Gisela® 656
Lapins CVI Krymsk® 5192
Meteor Mazzard40
RadiancePearl® Mahaleb775
RadiancePearl® CVI Krymsk® 5270
RadiancePearl® CVI Krymsk® 6469
Rainier Colt200
Rainier Gisela® 1239
Rainier Gisela® 63221
Rainier Krymsk® 53875
Rainier Mahaleb1245
Rainier Maxma® 14150
Rainier Mazzard2823
Regina® Corette® 1 (Cass)685
Regina® Corette® 2 (Clare)541
Regina® Corette® 3 (Clinton)561
Regina® Corette® 4 (Crawford)740
Regina® Gisela® 1280
Regina® Gisela® 6962
Regina® Krymsk® 62822
Regina® Mazzard149
Rynbrandt Mazzard215
Sam Gisela® 1265
Sam Gisela® 6425
Sam Krymsk® 639
Samba™ Gisela® 12550
Santina™ Gisela® 65528
Santina™ Krymsk® 5984
Santina™ Krymsk® 636
Skeena Gisela® 12966
Skeena Gisela® 614051
Skeena Krymsk® 53966
Skeena Krymsk® 6106
Skeena Mazzard874
Skeena Weigi™ STO21241
Skeena™ CVI Gisela® 1223
Stella Mazzard309
SuiteNote™ Gisela® 12820
SuiteNote™ Mazzard980
Sweetheart Gisela® 6200
Sweetheart Krymsk® 535
Sweetheart Krymsk® 6102
Sweetheart Mazzard367
Tamara Gisela® 1240
Tamara Mahaleb516
Tieton Gisela® 12137
Tieton Gisela® 6350
Tulare Colt52
Tulare Krymsk® 5900
Tulare Mahaleb1115
Tulare Maxma® 14248
Van Krymsk® 6124
Van Mazzard341

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