2024 Cherry Tree Inventory

The list below shows the varieties/rootstock availability among multiple nurseries. Availability, order minimums, and prices will vary.

The inventory below shows trees available across multiple nurseries. Not all nursery inventories are currently published, so please contact us for availability on varieties that are not listed.

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Updated 12/4/23

Cherry VarietyRootstockQuantity
Attika® Gisela® 12112
Attika® Gisela® 620
Attika® Mazzard160
Balaton® Mazzard528
Benton Corette® 1 (Cass)486
Benton Corette® 2 (Clare)337
Benton Corette® 3 (Clinton)311
Benton Corette® 4 (Crawford)213
Benton CT500 Mahaleb205
Benton Gisela® 122620
Benton Gisela® 61792
Benton Krymsk® 6200
Benton Mazzard1829
Bing Gisela® 12100
Bing Gisela® 6600
Bing Krymsk® 6904
Bing Mazzard2277
Black Tartarian Colt10
Black Tartarian Gisela® 6140
Black Tartarian Mahaleb551
Black Tartarian Mazzard203
Black York Mazzard539
BlackPearl® Mahaleb464
BlackPearl® Mazzard1785
BlackPearl® Gisela® 69800
Brooks Colt55
Brooks Mahaleb12
Brooks (ellepot) Krymsk® 5939
BurgundyPearl® Gisela® 127
BurgundyPearl® Gisela® 6354
Chelan™ Krymsk® 5170
Chelan™ Mahaleb85
Chelan™ Mazzard1361
Chelan™ (potted) Krymsk® 51990
Chelan™ CVI Gisela® 634
Chelan™ CVI Mazzard185
Coral Champagne Gisela® 122862
Coral Champagne Gisela® 611755
Coral Champagne Krymsk® 5214
Coral Champagne Mahaleb1840
Coral Champagne Mazzard9770
Coral Champagne (ellepot) Krymsk® 56589
Cristalina™ Gisela® 1250
Cristalina™ Krymsk® 61375
Early Robin® Gisela® 64810
Early Robin® Weigi™ STO2978
EbonyPearl® Gisela® 1219
EbonyPearl® Gisela® 66813
EbonyPearl® Mazzard410
EbonyPearl® Krymsk® 5140
Emperor Francis Mazzard40
Garnet Girl™ V84031 cv Maxma® 141797
Gold Corette® 1 (Cass)85
Gold Corette® 2 (Clare)86
Gold Corette® 3 (Clinton)95
Gold Gisela® 1250
Gold Gisela® 6630
Gold Mazzard60
Gold (potted) Corette® 4 (Crawford)139
Hedelfingen Gisela® 5288
Jubileum® CT500 Mahaleb662
Jubileum® Mazzard539
Kootenay Krymsk® 5100
Lapins Gisela® 1275
Lapins Maxma® 602235
Meteor Mazzard40
Montmorency CT500 Mahaleb2438
Montmorency Gisela® 12278
Montmorency Mahaleb3399
Montmorency Mazzard1030
Montmorency CVI Mahaleb894
Rainier Colt100
Rainier Gisela® 68991
Rainier Krymsk® 61713
Rainier Mahaleb660
Rainier Maxma® 14140
Regina® Corette® 1 (Cass)685
Regina® Corette® 2 (Clare)541
Regina® Corette® 3 (Clinton)561
Regina® Corette® 4 (Crawford)740
Regina® Gisela® 12185
Regina® Gisela® 6500
Regina® Krymsk® 62200
Regina® Mazzard152
Sam Gisela® 1245
Sam Gisela® 6350
Samba™ Gisela® 12230
Samba™ Krymsk® 510
Santina™ Gisela® 63172
Santina™ Krymsk® 620
Santina™ (ellepot) Krymsk® 5750
Skeena Gisela® 6400
Skeena Krymsk® 510
Skeena Krymsk® 640
Skeena Mazzard200
Skeena™ Gisela® 129
Skeena™ Gisela® 6185
Skeena™ Krymsk® 51115
Skeena™ Weigi™ STO31241
Stardust™ CT500 Mahaleb70
SuiteNote™ Gisela® 12870
SuiteNote™ Gisela® 6400
SuiteNote™ Mazzard980
Summit CT500 Mahaleb105
Sweetheart Gisela® 6160
Sweetheart Krymsk® 570
Sweetheart Mazzard3148
Tamara Gisela® 1240
Tamara Mahaleb516
TulareMaxma® 14128
Tulare (potted) Krymsk® 5367
Van Gisela® 12490
Van Krymsk® 675
Van Mazzard394

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