2025 Apple Tree Inventory

The list below shows the varieties/rootstock availability among multiple nurseries. Availability, order minimums, and prices will vary.

The inventory below shows trees available across multiple nurseries. Not all nursery inventories are currently published, so please contact us for availability on varieties that are not listed.

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Updated 12/4/23

Apple VarietyRootstockQuantity
Ambrosia Bud97380
Ambrosia Geneva® 1113951
Ambrosia Geneva® 4110050
Ambrosia M1064260
Ambrosia M262740
Ambrosia M72510
Ambrosia NIC® RN2911740
Arkansas Black M1111260
Autumn Crisp Geneva® 41337
Autumn Crisp M7600
Auvil Early Fuji® M1112405
Auvil Early Fuji® M71600
Aztec Fuji® Bud94338
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 2142506
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 4111608
Aztec Fuji® M262400
Aztec Fuji® M72565
Aztec Fuji® NAKB-3378410
BigBucks Gala Bud92520
BigBucks Gala Geneva® 111715
BigBucks Gala Geneva® 4110434
BL 14 Gala Geneva® 111517
BL 14 Gala Geneva® 93524
BL-14 Gala Geneva® 9698500
BL-14 Gala Bud 10®36
BL-14 Gala Geneva® 41563
Brookfield® Gala Geneva® 41562
Brookfield® Gala Geneva® 969487
Brookfield® Gala M71330
Brookfield® Gala NAKB-3371939
Buckeye® Gala Geneva® 113641
Buckeye® Gala Geneva® 21441
Buckeye® Gala Geneva® 4111633
Buckeye® Gala Geneva® 9354145
Buckeye® Gala Geneva® 9692400
Calville Blanc Geneva® 93539
Cameron Select® (Honeycrisp, cv.) Bud1181690
Cameron Select® (Honeycrisp, cv.) Bud92060
Chrisolyn Jonathan Geneva® 93541
Chrisolyn® Jonathan Geneva® 41582
Cordera® Bud 10®1470
Cortland Bud118329
Cortland Bud91400
Cortland M1111430
CosmicCrisp® (WA 38 cv.) Geneva® 21013500
CosmicCrisp® (WA 38 cv.) Geneva® 417000
CosmicCrisp® (WA 38 cv.) Geneva® 96922000
CosmicCrisp® (WA 38 cv.) Geneva® 4115410
CosmicCrisp® (WA 38 cv.) Geneva® 9352190
CosmicCrisp® (WA 38 cv.) Geneva® 9692800
CosmicCrisp® (WA 38 cv.) M1113475
CosmicCrisp® (WA 38 cv.) M261115
CosmicCrisp® (WA 38 cv.) M72010
CosmicCrisp® (WA 38 cv.) NAKB-33725055
CosmicCrisp® (WA 38 cv.) NIC® RN299300
CrimsonCrisp® Bud94400
CrimsonCrisp® Geneva® 41175
CrimsonCrisp® M7930
Dabinette Bud118651
Early Red One® Red Delicious M111580
Evercrisp® Geneva® 119255
Evercrisp® Geneva® 9698250
Evercrisp® M1112460
Evercrisp® M71630
Evercrisp® NAKB-33714385
Evercrisp® V. 12140
Evercrisp® Geneva® 935301
Firecracker® Bud 10®2400
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 96938222
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Bud1188460
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Bud9600
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 119300
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 8907710
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 9353620
Foxtrot Gala® Geneva® 93513
Foxtrot Gala® Geneva® 415000
Foxtrot Gala® Geneva® 96912000
Fuji Supreme™ Geneva® 41437
Galaval M72025
Gale Gala® Bud1188240
Gale Gala® Bud97605
Gale Gala® Geneva® 4116280
Gale Gala® Geneva® 9357235
Gale Gala® M1112700
Gale Gala® M264440
Gale Gala® M73824
Gale Gala® NAKB-33723695
Gale Gala® II NAKB-3373040
Gale Gala® Geneva® 214916
GingerGold M1111015
Golden Delicious (Gibson cv) Bud 10®1546
Golden Delicious (Gibson cv) Geneva® 2143587
Golden Delicious (Gibson cv) M1114035
Golden Delicious (Gibson cv) M263640
Golden Delicious (Gibson cv) M73220
Golden Delicious (Gibson cv) NIC® RN298165
Granny Smith Geneva® 119300
Granny Smith Geneva® 2106000
Granny Smith Geneva® 4111500
Granny Smith Geneva® 890290
Granny Smith Geneva® 93513809
Granny Smith M1113480
Granny Smith M266195
Granny Smith M72465
Granny Smith NAKB-33714188
Granny Smith NIC® RN299300
Honeycrisp (MN1711) M74009
Idared Bud118330
Idared M111304
Idared M7375
Indian Summer Geneva® 415893
Indian Summer Geneva® 9357855
Indian Summer Geneva® 9691954
Indian Summer NAKB-3372343
JH Gala Geneva® 112790
JH Gala Geneva® 4114060
JH Gala NAKB-33712820
Jonastar® Jonagold Bud 10®404
Jonastar® Jonagold Geneva® 41563
Jonastar® Jonagold Geneva® 935141
Kandil Sinap Geneva® 41100
Kingston Black M116100
Kudos™ MN33 Bud 10®1530
Kudos™ MN33 Geneva® 411750
Lady in Red® Geneva® 2023105
Lady in Red® M1111390
Lady in Red® M262665
Lady in Red® M72840
Lady in Red® NIC® RN2911895
Lady in Red® Geneva® 11822
Macoun Geneva® 41563
Macoun M7405
MAIA 11 Rosalee™ Bud 10®2260
MAIA 11 Rosalee™ Geneva® 41126
MAIA 12 Summerset™ Geneva® 41295
MAIA-L Ludacrisp® Bud 10®2180
MAIA-L Ludacrisp® Bud93155
MAIA-L Ludacrisp® Geneva® 41226
MAIA-L Ludacrisp® Geneva® 9351089
MAIA-L Ludacrisp® Geneva® 9694500
MAIA-Mitchell Evercrisp® Geneva® 11305
MAIA-Mitchell Evercrisp® Geneva® 412000
MAIA-Mitchell Evercrisp® NAKB-337328
MAIA-Mitchell Evercrisp® Bud9760
MAIA-Mitchell Evercrisp® Geneva® 1110460
MAIA-Mitchell Evercrisp® NAKB-33717310
MAIA-SM Sweet MAIA™ Bud91190
MAIA-SM Sweet MAIA™ Geneva® 411302
MAIA-SM Sweet MAIA™ NAKB-337113
MAIA-Z Sweet Zinger™ Geneva® 4181
Manchurian crab Geneva® 2104000
Manchurian crab M262960
Manchurian crab M71680
Manchurian crab NAKB-3374300
Minneiska cv Bud 10®2380
Minneiska cv Geneva® 412010
MN55 Bud 10®2440
MN55 Geneva® 111272
MN55 Geneva® 411647
MN55 V. 11090
Mt. Blanc crab Bud916
Mt. Blanc crab Geneva® 414069
Mt. Blanc crab Geneva® 935313
Mt. Blanc crab M265579
Mt. Evereste crab Geneva® 2108500
Mt. Evereste crab Geneva® 4110512
Mt. Evereste crab Geneva® 93513600
Mt. Evereste crab Geneva® 9698869
Mt. Evereste crab M265579
Mt. Evereste crab NAKB-3376236
Mutsu M1111700
Newtown Pippin Geneva® 8902233
Northern Spy Geneva® 1127
Northern Spy M1112710
Pink Lady® Barnsby Geneva® 41262
Pink Lady® Barnsby Geneva® 9353780
Pink Lady® Ruby Pink cv Geneva® 419880
Pink Luster® Bud 10®2060
Pink Luster® Geneva® 41563
Pixie Crunch™ Geneva® 41133
Premier Honeycrisp® Bud92510
Premier Honeycrisp® Geneva® 112010
Premier Honeycrisp® Geneva® 9353390
Pristine™ M7330
Red King Red Flesh Bud9770
Red King Red Flesh M71295
Red McIntosh M71970
Red Rubens™ M71560
Redfield® Braeburn M71390
Redridge™ Gala Bud91615
Redridge™ Gala Geneva® 4164
Redridge™ Gala M7460
Redridge™ Gala NAKB-337605
Ribston Pippin Bud118675
Rising Sun® Fuji Geneva® 41188
Rogers Red Mcintosh M7376
Roseland Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 8909300
Roseland Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 969450
Rosy Glow Geneva® 2141338
Rosy Glow Geneva® 412180
Royal Court® Geneva® 41564
Royal Court® M71564
Royal Empire® Geneva® 41363
Royal Empire® M106820
Royal Empire® M1113285
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Bud1187205
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Bud96650
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 1111
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 21419
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 4115070
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 9692520
Royal Red Honeycrisp® M1063210
Royal Red Honeycrisp® M1114860
Royal Red Honeycrisp® M262110
Royal Red Honeycrisp® M73725
Royal Red Honeycrisp® NAKB-33730910
Royal Red Honeycrisp® V. 14380
Royal Red Honeycrisp® CVI Bud92350
Royal Red Honeycrisp® CVI Geneva® 115707
Royal Red Honeycrisp® CVI Geneva® 9693456
Royal Red Honeycrisp® CVI NIC® RN29918
Rubymac® Geneva® 41582
Rubymac® Geneva® 890185
Scarlet Spur II Red Delicious M1066690
Scarlet Spur II Red Delicious M1118890
Smeralda Geneva® 111160
Snapdragon® NIC® RN292008
Snapp™ Stayman M71825
Snowdrift crab Bud 10®280
Snowdrift crab Geneva® 4115723
Snowdrift crab Geneva® 9356595
Snowdrift crab Geneva® 9691505
Snowdrift crab M262250
Snowdrift crab NAKB-3373050
Taylor Rome Bud118300
Taylor Rome M1114265
Taylor Rome M72020
Temptation Gala Geneva® 890406
Temptation Gala Geneva® 96919000
Temptation Gala NIC® RN2918600
Triumph® Geneva® 411856
Triumph® M1111610
Triumph® NAKB-3371425
Wildfire™ Gala Geneva® 1158
Wildfire™ Gala Geneva® 413540
Wildfire™ Gala NAKB-3373770
Wiltons® Red Jonaprince Bud91215
Wiltons® Red Jonaprince M1113015
Wiltons® Red Jonaprince M72445
Wiltons® Red Jonaprince NAKB-3371635
Yarlington Mill M116120
Yellow Newtown M1113945
Yellow Newtown M26520
Zestar!® Bud940

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