2025 Cherry Tree Inventory

The list below shows the varieties/rootstock availability among multiple nurseries. Availability, order minimums, and prices will vary.

The inventory below shows trees available across multiple nurseries. Not all nursery inventories are currently published, so please contact us for availability on varieties that are not listed.

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Updated 5/3/24

Cherry VarietyRootstockQuantity
Attika® Gisela® 12355
Attika® Krymsk® 6425
Attika® Mazzard800
B1218 Gisela® 121683
B1218 Gisela® 61429
B1218 Mazzard1366
Balaton® Mahaleb1330
Balaton® MahalebCall for Avail.
Balaton® Mazzard4845
Benton Gisela® 125446
Benton Gisela® 5Call for Avail.
Benton Gisela® 63010
Benton Krymsk® 6100
Benton MahalebCall for Avail.
Benton Mazzard2935
Bing Colt820
Bing Gisela® 123820
Bing Gisela® 61513
Bing Krymsk® 5200
Bing Krymsk® 6100
Bing Mahaleb926
Bing Mazzard17413
Black Tartarian Colt185
Black Tartarian Mahaleb508
Black York Mazzard380
BlackGold™ Mazzard3926
BlackPearl® Colt1500
BlackPearl® Gisela® 128942
BlackPearl® Gisela® 66950
BlackPearl® Mahaleb3390
BlackPearl® Mazzard12475
BlackPearl® Gisela® 5Call for Avail.
BlackPearl® Krymsk® 5400
BlackPearl® Krymsk® 6600
BlackPearl® MahalebCall for Avail.
Brooks Colt1032
Brooks Mahaleb2374
Brooks Mazzard124
BurgundyPearl® Gisela® 12919
BurgundyPearl® Gisela® 5Call for Avail.
BurgundyPearl® Gisela® 61650
BurgundyPearl® Krymsk® 5400
BurgundyPearl® Krymsk® 6250
BurgundyPearl® MahalebCall for Avail.
BurgundyPearl® Mazzard1940
Chelan Colt157
Chelan Gisela® 123731
Chelan Gisela® 63302
Chelan Mazzard11442
Coral Champagne Colt1400
Coral Champagne Gisela® 122585
Coral Champagne Gisela® 63170
Coral Champagne Krymsk® 61530
Coral Champagne Mahaleb10700
Coral Champagne Mazzard13890
Cristalina Gisela® 12100
Cristalina Gisela® 66343
Cristalina Krymsk® 62425
Danube Mazzard1250
Early Robin Gisela® 62250
EbonyPearl® Gisela® 65373
EbonyPearl® Mazzard2651
EbonyPearl® Gisela® 12249
EbonyPearl® Gisela® 5Call for Avail.
EbonyPearl® MahalebCall for Avail.
Emperor Francis Gisela® 12Call for Avail.
Emperor Francis Gisela® 5Call for Avail.
Emperor Francis Mazzard2395
Garnet Girl™ Gisela® 12114
Garnet Girl™ Mazzard350
Gold Gisela® 12178
Gold Gisela® 6550
Gold Krymsk® 6150
Gold Mahaleb200
Hartland (NY3308) Gisela® 12Call for Avail.
Hedelfingen Gisela® 12Call for Avail.
Hedelfingen Gisela® 5Call for Avail.
Hedelfingen MahalebCall for Avail.
Jubileum® Mazzard1990
Kootenay™ Gisela® 12389
Kootenay™ Mazzard740
Kristin Gisela® 12Call for Avail.
Kristin Gisela® 5Call for Avail.
Kristin MahalebCall for Avail.
Lapins Colt707
Lapins Gisela® 123075
Lapins Gisela® 61675
Lapins Krymsk® 5500
Lapins Krymsk® 6200
Lapins Mahaleb528
Lapins Mazzard13881
Montmorency Mahaleb14285
Montmorency MahalebCall for Avail.
Montmorency Mazzard894
RadiancePearl® Gisela® 61839
RadiancePearl® Mazzard2781
Rainier Colt1001
Rainier Gisela® 124679
Rainier Gisela® 5Call for Avail.
Rainier Gisela® 66236
Rainier Krymsk® 64240
Rainier Mahaleb4389
Rainier MahalebCall for Avail.
Rainier Mazzard11617
Regina Gisela® 124350
Regina Gisela® 63000
Regina Krymsk® 650
Regina Mazzard2540
Sam Gisela® 12200
Sam Gisela® 6550
Sam Krymsk® 6100
Santina Gisela® 1211275
Santina Gisela® 611398
Santina Krymsk® 5300
Santina Krymsk® 6100
Santina Mazzard11643
Skeena Gisela® 122299
Skeena Gisela® 66965
Skeena Krymsk® 5250
Skeena Krymsk® 66740
Skeena Mazzard10663
Stardust™ Gisela® 12Call for Avail.
Stardust™ Gisela® 5Call for Avail.
Stardust™ MahalebCall for Avail.
Stella Mazzard2155
Summit Gisela® 12Call for Avail.
Summit Gisela® 5Call for Avail.
Summit MahalebCall for Avail.
Sweetheart Gisela® 632
Sweetheart Krymsk® 5200
Sweetheart Krymsk® 6100
Sweetheart Mahaleb535
Sweetheart Mazzard9953
Tamara Gisela® 12200
TF-7142 Gisela® 1212177
TF-7142 Gisela® 65309
TF-7142 Mazzard11221
Tieton Gisela® 12275
Tulare Colt1050
Tulare Mahaleb2440
Tulare Mazzard89
Ulster Gisela® 12Call for Avail.
Ulster Mahaleb880
Ulster Mazzard2245
Van Krymsk® 5100
Van Krymsk® 650
Van Mazzard3660

or call at 800.424.2765