2025 Peach Tree Inventory

This list below shows the varieties/rootstock availability among multiple nurseries. Availability, order minimums, and prices will vary.

The inventory below shows trees available across multiple nurseries. Not all nursery inventories are currently published, so please contact us for availability on varieties that are not listed. Contact us directly for availability.

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Updated 5/3/24

Peach VarietyRootstockQuantity
Allstar™ Krymsk® 8655
Allstar™ BaileyCall for Avail.
Anna Rose™ (NJ360 Cltv.) PP#33,473BaileyCall for Avail.
August Rose™(NJ356Cv) PP#23884LovellCall for Avail.
Autumnstar® (FA42)BaileyCall for Avail.
Babygold #5BaileyCall for Avail.
Babygold #5Halford1770
BellaireKrymsk® 86Call for Avail.
Blazingstar® BaileyCall for Avail.
Blazingstar® Halford1965
Blushingstar®BaileyCall for Avail.
BountyLovellCall for Avail.
BuenOs™ (NJF18) PP# 19273BaileyCall for Avail.
BuenOs™ II (NJF15) PP#20128BaileyCall for Avail.
Canadian HarmonyBaileyCall for Avail.
Canadian HarmonyHalford1110
CaroredBaileyCall for Avail.
ContenderBaileyCall for Avail.
ContenderController 6Call for Avail.
Coralstar®Krymsk® 86180
Coralstar®Krymsk® 86Call for Avail.
CresthavenKrymsk® 86Call for Avail.
CresthavenLovellCall for Avail.
Crimson Rocket PP#15216BaileyCall for Avail.
Desiree®(NJ350)PP#19382BaileyCall for Avail.
Early ElbertaHalford3250
Early RedhavenHalford4520
Earlystar® Krymsk® 86172
Earlystar® LovellCall for Avail.
EncoreLovellCall for Avail.
Evelynn™ (NJ357 Cltv) PP#29,989BaileyCall for Avail.
Flamin Fury® PF 1Halford1900
Flamin Fury® PF 15AKrymsk® 86Call for Avail.
Flamin Fury® PF 15ALovellCall for Avail.
Flamin Fury® PF 17BaileyCall for Avail.
Flamin Fury® PF 19-007 PP#17578BaileyCall for Avail.
Flamin Fury® PF 24 C Cold HardyHalford1835
Flamin Fury® PF 27ALovellCall for Avail.
Flamin Fury® PF 28-007 PP#14778LovellCall for Avail.
Flamin Fury® PF 35-007Krymsk® 8643
Flamin Fury® PF 5D Big PP#17543BaileyCall for Avail.
Flamin Fury® PF 8 Ball™ PP#18534Krymsk® 86Call for Avail.
Flamin Fury® PF 9A-007Krymsk® 8657
Flamin Fury® PF 9A-007 PP#15498BaileyCall for Avail.
Flamin Fury® PF Lucky 13BaileyCall for Avail.
GaLa PeachBaileyCall for Avail.
Galactica (NC9842) PP#17118LovellCall for Avail.
GalaxyBaileyCall for Avail.
Garnet BeautyBaileyCall for Avail.
Glenglo™BaileyCall for Avail.
GlohavenLovellCall for Avail.
Gloria®(NJ351)PP#18,224BaileyCall for Avail.
Glowingstar®BaileyCall for Avail.
J.H. HaleHalford2215
Jam-23BaileyCall for Avail.
Jam-23JAM 23Call for Avail.
JerseyqueenBaileyCall for Avail.
John Boy®Krymsk® 8647
John Boy®BaileyCall for Avail.
John Boy®Krymsk® 86Call for Avail.
John Boy®IIBaileyCall for Avail.
John Boy®IIKrymsk® 86Call for Avail.
July Rose™ (NJ354Cv) PP#23669BaileyCall for Avail.
JulyprinceBaileyCall for Avail.
Klondike WhiteLovellCall for Avail.
LaurolLovellCall for Avail.
LoringLovellCall for Avail.
MadisonBaileyCall for Avail.
Messina®(NJ352)PP#18,091BaileyCall for Avail.
Orion™ (UFO 4 Cltv)BaileyCall for Avail.
Raritan RoseBaileyCall for Avail.
Red GlobeHalford2850
RedhavenKrymsk® 86473
RedhavenBaileyCall for Avail.
RedhavenController 6Call for Avail.
RedhavenLovellCall for Avail.
RedskinLovellCall for Avail.
RelianceBaileyCall for Avail.
Rich MayKrymsk® 86Call for Avail.
Rich MayLovellCall for Avail.
RisingstarKrymsk® 86307
SaturnBaileyCall for Avail.
Selena™ (NJ358 Cltv) PP#29962Krymsk® 86Call for Avail.
Selena™ (NJ358 Cltv) PP#29962LovellCall for Avail.
SentryBaileyCall for Avail.
September Rose™ (NJ362 CLTV.) PPAFBaileyCall for Avail.
Snow GiantLovellCall for Avail.
Spring SnowLovellCall for Avail.
StarfireBaileyCall for Avail.
Sugar GiantLovellCall for Avail.
Sugar MayLovellCall for Avail.
Summer Serenade®BaileyCall for Avail.
SummerFest™(KV981175)PP#21379BaileyCall for Avail.
Sunhigh (Beekman Cltv.)BaileyCall for Avail.
Sweet N Up PP#15063BaileyCall for Avail.
Sweetstar® Halford2915
TangOs® (NJF16) PP#18997BaileyCall for Avail.
TangOs®II (NJF17) PP#19383BaileyCall for Avail.
Tiana™ (NJ359 Cltv) PP#29,961BaileyCall for Avail.
VeteranBaileyCall for Avail.
Victoria®(NJ353cv)PP#18,134BaileyCall for Avail.
White LadyLovellCall for Avail.

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