2025 Pear Tree Inventory

This list below shows the varieties/rootstock availability among multiple nurseries. Availability, order minimums, and prices will vary.

The inventory below shows trees available across multiple nurseries. Not all nursery inventories are currently published, so please contact us for availability on varieties that are not listed. Contact us directly for availability.

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Updated 12/4/23

Pear VarietyRootstockQuantity
20th Century Betulaefolia300
Atago Betulaefolia30
B.P. Morettini OHxF8715
Bartlett Betulaefolia175
Bartlett OHxF8713787
Bartlett OHxF976183
Bartlett Bartlett Sdg39960
Beurre D Anjou OHxF87500
Beurre D Anjou OHxF971860
Bosc OHxF871125
Bosc OHxF97581
Cold Snap® OHxF871405
Columbia Red Anjou OHxF97230
Comice OHxF9710
Flemish Beauty OHxF87755
Flemish Beauty OHxF97400
Forelle OHxF8725
Forelle OHxF9760
Golden Russet Bosc OHxF876051
Harrowcrisp OHxF87632
Harrowcrisp OHxF97449
Harrowsweet OHxF87360
Harrowsweet OHxF87875
Harrowsweet OHxF97350
Hosui Betulaefolia500
Juicy Jewel® OHxF87846
Olympic Betulaefolia400
Seckel OHxF871105
Seckel OHxF97401
Shinko Betulaefolia700
Shinseiki Betulaefolia250
Super Red OHxF8725
Tse Li Betulaefolia20
Wisconsin Hardy OHxF87930
Yali Betulaefolia60
Yoinashi Betulaefolia225

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