2024 Cherry Tree Inventory

The list below shows the varieties/rootstock availability among multiple nurseries. Availability, order minimums, and prices will vary.

The inventory below shows trees available across multiple nurseries. Not all nursery inventories are currently published, so please contact us for availability on varieties that are not listed.

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Updated 5/17/23

Cherry VarietyRootstockQuantity
Attika® Gisela® 12150
Attika® Gisela® 6275
Attika® Krymsk® 650
Attika® Mazzard1475
Balaton® MahalebCall for Avail.
Balaton® Mazzard3660
Benton Gisela® 124670
Benton Gisela® 6700
Benton Krymsk® 6300
Benton Mazzard2195
Bing Gisela® 12500
Bing Gisela® 6700
Bing Krymsk® 5150
Bing Krymsk® 63740
Bing Mazzard5399
BlackPearl® Gisela® 122200
BlackPearl® Gisela® 64430
BlackPearl® Krymsk® 5400
BlackPearl® Krymsk® 61545
BlackPearl® Mazzard10600
BlackPearl® CVI Mazzard1123
BlackYork Mazzard1680
BurgundyPearl® Gisela® 12375
BurgundyPearl® Gisela® 6450
BurgundyPearl® Krymsk® 575
BurgundyPearl® Krymsk® 6200
Chelan™ Gisela® 12680
Chelan™ Krymsk® 62220
Chelan™ Mazzard400
Chelan™ CVI Gisela® 676
Coral Champagne Gisela® 122740
Coral Champagne Mahaleb1510
Coral Champagne Mazzard5585
Coral Champagne CVI Gisela® 12125
Cristalina™ Krymsk® 61670
Cristalina™ Mazzard270
Danube Mazzard1240
Early Robin Rainier Maxma® 146975
EbonyPearl® Gisela® 12475
EbonyPearl® Gisela® 610600
EbonyPearl® Krymsk® 5180
EbonyPearl® Mazzard1180
Emperor Francis Mahaleb570
Emperor Francis Mazzard88
Fertille Maxma® 14930
Gabriel Gisela® 12200
Garnet Girl™ V84031 cv Maxma® 144651
Gold Gisela® 670
Gold Krymsk® 625
Jubileum Mazzard1845
Jubileum® Mahaleb0
Kootenay Krymsk® 5100
Lapins Gisela® 121640
Lapins Gisela® 62375
Lapins Krymsk® 5225
Lapins Krymsk® 650
Lapins Mazzard4090
Lapins CVI Gisela® 653
Lapins CVI Krymsk® 5217
Montmorency MahalebCall for Avail.
Montmorency Mazzard1080
RadiancePearl® Gisela® 12320
RadiancePearl® Gisela® 6510
RadiancePearl® Mazzard1490
RadiancePearl® CVI Krymsk® 5414
RadiancePearl® CVI Krymsk® 6827
Rainier Gisela® 121525
Rainier Gisela® 64550
Rainier Krymsk® 550
Rainier Krymsk® 64730
Rainier Mazzard4270
Regina® Gisela® 122590
Regina® Gisela® 6900
Regina® Krymsk® 6350
Regina® Mazzard2370
Rynbrandt Mazzard1190
Sam Gisela® 1260
Sam Krymsk® 610
Santina Gisela® 123220
Santina Krymsk® 5175
Santina Krymsk® 63100
Santina Mazzard7049
Skeena Gisela® 128245
Skeena Gisela® 611690
Skeena Krymsk® 5175
Skeena Krymsk® 620
Stella Mazzard1700
SuiteNote™ Gisela® 12840
SuiteNote™ Mazzard930
Sweetheart Krymsk® 6550
Ulster Mahaleb280
Van Krymsk® 525
Van Krymsk® 650
Van Mazzard825

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