2024 Pear Tree Inventory

This list below shows the varieties/rootstock availability among multiple nurseries. Availability, order minimums, and prices will vary.

The inventory below shows trees available across multiple nurseries. Not all nursery inventories are currently published, so please contact us for availability on varieties that are not listed. Contact us directly for availability.

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Updated 5/17/23

20th Century Betulaefolia300
AC™ Harrow Crisp PP#17843 OHxF87Call for Avail.
AC™ Harrow Crisp PP#17843 OHxF97Call for Avail.
Anjou OHxF878390
Atago Betulaefolia49
Bartlett OHxF875689
Bartlett OHxF97364
Bell OHxF87Call for Avail.
Beurre D Anjou OHxF8799
Beurre D Anjou OHxF97Call for Avail.
Blakes Pride OHxF87Call for Avail.
Blakes Pride OHxF97Call for Avail.
Cold Snap® HW614 cv OHxF87Call for Avail.
Columbia Red Anjou OHxF9725
Comice OHxF871450
Comice OHxF9710
Flemish Beauty OHxF871255
Gem OHxF874870
Golden Russet Bosc OHxF87Call for Avail.
Golden Russet Bosc OHxF97Call for Avail.
Harrow Sweet OHxF87Call for Avail.
Harrow Sweet OHxF97Call for Avail.
Hosui Betulaefolia374
HW624 OHxF872949
HW624 OHxF971500
Juicy Jewel™ BetulaefoliaCall for Avail.
Kalle OHxF871795
Kosui BetulaefoliaCall for Avail.
Magness OHxF87Call for Avail.
Niitaka BetulaefoliaCall for Avail.
Olympic Betulaefolia599
Potomac OHxF87Call for Avail.
Potomac OHxF97Call for Avail.
Red Bartlett OHxF87Call for Avail.
Red Bartlett OHxF97Call for Avail.
Red Clapps (Kalle Cltv.) OHxF87Call for Avail.
Red Clapps (Kalle Cltv.) OHxF97Call for Avail.
Reddy Robin® PremP109 cv OHxF8737
Reddy Robin®(PremP109)PP#24408 BetulaefoliaCall for Avail.
Russetted Bartlett OHxF87Call for Avail.
Seckel OHxF872494
Seckel OHxF97Call for Avail.
Shenandoah Pear OHxF87Call for Avail.
Shenandoah Pear OHxF97Call for Avail.
Shinko Betulaefolia999
Shinseiki Betulaefolia800
Shinsui BetulaefoliaCall for Avail.
Sunrise OHxF87Call for Avail.
Sunrise OHxF97Call for Avail.
Super Red OHxF9725
Tse Li Betulaefolia50
Yali Betulaefolia80
Yoinashi Betulaefolia249

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