2022 Apple Tree Inventory as of 9/9/21

This list below shows the varieties/rootstock availability among multiple nurseries. Availability, order minimums, and prices will vary.

The inventory below shows trees available across multiple nurseries in 2022. Not all nursery inventories are currently published, so please contact us for availability on varieties that are not listed. Contact us directly for availability.

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The list below shows trees propagated in 2022 but are not live inventories. Contact us directly for availability.
Apple VarietyRootstock
Albemarle PippinM7
AmbrosiaGeneva® 41
AmbrosiaGeneva® 11
AmbrosiaGeneva® 969
AmbrosiaNIC® RN29
Ambrosia CVIGeneva® 890
Ambrosia CVIGeneva® 935
Autumn CrispM7
Autumn CrispBud9
Autumn CrispGeneva® 11
Autumn CrispGeneva® 41
Autumn GalaBud9
Autumn GalaM7
Autumn GalaGeneva® 11
Auvil Early Fuji®M26
Auvil Early Fuji®M7
Auvil Early Fuji®NAKB-337
Aztec Fuji®Bud9
Aztec Fuji®Geneva® 41
Aztec Fuji®Geneva® 935
Aztec Fuji®Geneva® 11
Aztec Fuji®NAKB-337
Aztec Fuji®M111
Aztec Fuji®M7
Aztec Fuji®Bud118
Aztec Fuji®M116
Aztec Fuji®NIC® RN29
Aztec Fuji® NIC® RN29
Aztec Fuji® Pajam 2
Aztec Fuji® Bud9
Aztec Fuji® Bud 10®
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 11
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 213
Aztec Fuji® NAKB-337
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 41
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 890
Aztec Fuji® Pajam 2
BL-14 GalaBud9
BL-14 GalaGeneva® 11
BL-14 GalaGeneva® 41
BL-14 GalaNAKB-337
BL-14 Gala Twin LeaderGeneva® 11
Blondee®Geneva® 11
BraeburnGeneva® 41
BraeburnGeneva® 11
BraeburnGeneva® 890
Brookfield® Gala Geneva® 11
Brookfield® Gala Geneva® 210
Brookfield® Gala Geneva® 935
Browns AppleGeneva® 11
Buckeye Gala® Bud9
Buckeye Gala® Bud 10®
Buckeye Gala® Geneva® 213
Buckeye Gala® Geneva® 969
Buckeye Gala® NAKB-337
Buckeye Gala® Geneva® 11
Buckeye® GalaGeneva® 11
Buckeye® GalaGeneva® 935
Buckeye® GalaNIC® RN29
Buckeye® GalaBud9
Buckeye® GalaGeneva® 41
Buckeye® Gala CVIGeneva® 11
Buckeye® Gala CVIGeneva® 41
Buckeye® Prime GalaGeneva® 41
Cameron Select® Honeycrisp, cv.Bud9
Cameron Select® Honeycrisp, cv.Bud118
Cameron Select® Honeycrisp, cv.M106
Cameron Select® Honeycrisp, cv.V. 1
Champagne AppleM7
Chrisolyn Jonathan®Geneva® 41
Cosmic Crisp®Geneva® 11
Cosmic Crisp®Geneva® 41
Cosmic Crisp®NAKB-337
Cosmic Crisp®Pajam 2
Cosmic Crisp® WA38, cv.Bud9
Cosmic Crisp® WA38, cv.Bud 10®
Cosmic Crisp® WA38, cv.Geneva® 11
Cosmic Crisp® WA38, cv.Geneva® 213
Cosmic Crisp® WA38, cv.Geneva® 41
Cosmic Crisp® WA38, cv.Geneva® 890
Cosmic Crisp® WA38, cv.Geneva® 935
Cosmic Crisp® WA38, cv.Geneva® 969
Cosmic Crisp® WA38, cv.NAKB-337
Crimson® GalaBud 10®
Crimson® GalaBud9
Crimson® GoldM111
CrimsonCrisp®Geneva® 41
CrimsonCrisp®Bud 10®
CrimsonCrisp®Geneva® 11
DA ROSA®Geneva® 935
Dandee Red®Geneva® 935
Evercrisp®Bud 10®
Evercrisp®Geneva® 41
Evercrisp®Geneva® 935
Evercrisp®Geneva® 969
Evercrisp®NIC® RN29
Evercrisp®Geneva® 213
Evercrisp®Geneva® 890
Evercrisp®V. 1
Evercrisp®Geneva® 11
Evercrisp®Pajam 2
Evercrisp®Geneva® 222
Firestorm™ HoneycrispBud118
Firestorm™ HoneycrispGeneva® 890
Firestorm™ HoneycrispNIC® RN29
Firestorm™ HoneycrispPajam 2
Firestorm™ HoneycrispBud9
Firestorm™ HoneycrispBud 10®
Firestorm™ HoneycrispGeneva® 11
Firestorm™ HoneycrispGeneva® 213
Firestorm™ HoneycrispGeneva® 41
Firestorm™ HoneycrispGeneva® 969
Firestorm™ HoneycrispNAKB-337
Firestorm™ HoneycrispM106
Firestorm™ HoneycrispV. 1
Firestorm™ HoneycrispGeneva® 214
Foxtrot™ GalaM26
Foxtrot™ GalaNIC® RN29
Fuji Supreme™Bud9
Fulford GalaBud9
Gala One®Bud9
Galaval™Geneva® 11
Galaval™Geneva® 41
Galaval™Pajam 2
Gale Gala®Geneva® 11
Gale Gala®Bud9
Gale Gala®M111
Gale Gala®M26
Gale Gala®M7
Gale Gala®Geneva® 41
Gale Gala®Geneva® 935
Gale Gala®NAKB-337
Gibson Golden DeliciousGeneva® 935
Gibson Golden DeliciousNAKB-337
Gibson Golden DeliciousBud9
Gibson Golden DeliciousM111
Ginger Gold®Geneva® 935
Ginger Gold®M111
Ginger Gold®M7
Ginger Gold®NAKB-337
Golden Delicious (Wafler strain)Bud9
Golden Delicious (Wafler strain)NIC® RN29
GoldRush®Geneva® 41
GoldRush®Bud 9 / EMLA 111
GoldRush®Geneva® 11
GoldRush®Geneva® 935
Granny SmithNAKB-337
Granny SmithNIC® RN29
Granny SmithPajam 2
Granny SmithM106
Granny SmithGeneva® 935
Granny SmithBud9
Granny SmithGeneva® 11
Granny SmithM26
Granny SmithM7
Hampshire™ MacBud 9 / EMLA 111
Hampshire™ MacGeneva® 11
HarrisonGeneva® 11
Heliodor™ IEB 3264-1 cvNAKB-337
HoneycrispBud 10®
HoneycrispGeneva® 890
Indian SummerBud 10®
Indian SummerBud9
Indian SummerGeneva® 890
Indian SummerGeneva® 11
Indian SummerGeneva® 41
Indian SummerNAKB-337
IT ® Red DeliciousGeneva® 11
Jenks PinkGeneva® 41
Jenks PinkGeneva® 210
JH GalaBud9
JH GalaNAKB-337
JH GalaV. 1
JH GalaGeneva® 11
JH GalaGeneva® 210
Jonastar® JonagoldBud118
Jonastar® JonagoldGeneva® 41
Jonastar® JonagoldNIC® RN29
KeepsakeGeneva® 11
Kumeu Crimson® BraeburnBud9
Kumeu Crimson® BraeburnGeneva® 11
Lady in Red®Bud 10®
Lady In Red®Geneva® 11
Lady In Red®Geneva® 41
Lady In Red®Pajam 2
Lady in Red®M111
Lady in Red®M7
Lady in Red®M116
Lady in Red®NAKB-337
LodiBud 10®
LodiGeneva® 41
Ludacrisp® MAIA-LBud 10®
Ludacrisp® MAIA-LBud9
Ludacrisp® MAIA-LGeneva® 11
Ludacrisp® MAIA-LGeneva® 41
Ludacrisp® MAIA-LV. 1
Ludacrisp® MAIA-LGeneva® 969
Ludacrisp® MAIA-LGeneva® 222
MacounGeneva® 41
Majesty (YX-4)NAKB-337
Manchurian CrabM111
Manchurian CrabM26
Manchurian CrabM7
Manchurian CrabGeneva® 935
Manchurian CrabNAKB-337
MinneiskaGeneva® 11
MinneiskaGeneva® 935
Minnieska, cv.Bud 10®
Minnieska, cv.Geneva® 11
Minnieska, cv.Geneva® 213
Minnieska, cv.V. 1
MN55 cv.Bud9
MN55 cv.Bud 10®
MN55 cv.Geneva® 11
MN55 cv.V. 1
Morning Mist® FujiGeneva® 11
Morning Mist® FujiNAKB-337
Mt Blanc™ CrabBud9
Mt Blanc™ CrabGeneva® 11
Mt Blanc™ CrabGeneva® 41
Mt Blanc™ CrabNAKB-337
Mt Blanc™ CrabM26
Mt Evereste™ CrabBud 10®
Mt Evereste™ CrabGeneva® 890
Mt Evereste™ CrabBud9
Mt Evereste™ CrabGeneva® 11
Mt Evereste™ CrabGeneva® 41
Mt Evereste™ CrabNAKB-337
Mt Evereste™ CrabPajam 2
Mt Evereste™ CrabM26
Mt. Blanc™Bud 10®
Mutsu (Crispin)Bud9
Mutsu (Crispin)Geneva® 41
Mutsu (Crispin)Geneva® 890
Newtown PippinGeneva® 969
Northern SpyBud9
Pacific Gala®Geneva® 41
Pink Lady® Barnsby cv.NAKB-337
Pink Lady® Barnsby cv.Bud9
Pink Lady® Barnsby cv.Geneva® 11
Pink Lady® Barnsby cv.Geneva® 41
Pink Lady® Barnsby cv.Geneva® 935
Pink Lady® Barnsby cv.NIC® RN29
Pink Lady® Barnsby cv.Bud 10®
Pink Lady® Cripps cv.Geneva® 935
Pink Lady® Cripps cv.NAKB-337
Pink Lady® Cripps cv.Pajam 2
Pink Lady® Cripps cv.Geneva® 11
Pink Lady® Cripps cv.Geneva® 969
Pink Lady® Cripps cv.NIC® RN29
Pink Lady® Rosy Glow cv.NAKB-337
Pink Lady® Rosy Glow cv.Geneva® 890
Pink Lady® Rosy Glow cv.Bud9
Pink Lady® Ruby PinkGeneva® 11
Pink Lady® Ruby PinkGeneva® 41
Pink Lady® Ruby PinkNAKB-337
Pitts GalaBud9
Pitts GalaGeneva® 11
Pitts GalaGeneva® 41
Premier Honeycrisp®Bud 10®
Premier Honeycrisp®Geneva® 210
Premier Honeycrisp®Geneva® 213
Premier Honeycrisp®M106
Premier Honeycrisp®V. 1
Premier Honeycrisp®Bud 10®
Premier Honeycrisp®Geneva® 11
Premier Honeycrisp®Geneva® 16
Premier Honeycrisp®Geneva® 935
Premier Honeycrisp®Geneva® 890
Premier Honeycrisp®Geneva® 41
Premier Honeycrisp®Geneva® 202
Premier Honeycrisp®Geneva® 969
Querina™Geneva® 41
Red Cameo®Bud9
Red Cameo®M106
Red Cameo®NAKB-337
Red Jonaprince™Bud9
Red Jonaprince™M106
Red Jonaprince™M111
Red Jonaprince™M7
Red McIntoshM111
Red RubensBud9
Red RubensM7
Red WinesapGeneva® 11
Red YorkingBud9
Redfield™ BraeburnM111
Redfield™ BraeburnM7
Redridge™ GalaBud9
Redridge™ GalaGeneva® 935
Ribson PippinM7
Rogers Red MacintoshM7
Rome Taylor cv.Bud118
Rome Taylor cv.Geneva® 969
Rome Taylor cv.M111
Rosalee™ (MAIA 11)Bud 10®
Roseland Red™ HoneycrispBud 10®
Roseland Red™ HoneycrispBud9
Roseland Red™ HoneycrispGeneva® 41
Roseland Red™ HoneycrispGeneva® 935
Royal Court®Geneva® 41
Royal Court®Geneva® 935
Royal Court®M26
Royal Court®M111
Royal Court®M7
Royal Empire™Geneva® 11
Royal Empire™Bud9
Royal Empire™M106
Royal Empire™M111
Royal Empire™M7
Royal Red Honeycrisp®M9-NIC 29
Royal Red Honeycrisp® CVIGeneva® 210
Royal Red Honeycrisp® CVIGeneva® 935
Royal Red Honeycrisp® CVINAKB-337
Royal Red Honeycrisp®Geneva® 11
Royal Red Honeycrisp®Bud9
Royal Red Honeycrisp®M7
Royal Red Honeycrisp®NAKB-337
Royal Red Honeycrisp®Pajam 2
Royal Red Honeycrisp®M26
Royal Red Honeycrisp®Geneva® 202
Royal Red Honeycrisp®NIC® RN29
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 890
Rubinstar® JonagoldGeneva® 935
Rubinstar® JonagoldM7
RubyFrost®Geneva® 11
RubyJon™ Geneva® 41
Scarlet Spur II Red DeliciousM111
Scarlet Spur II Red DeliciousM26
Scarlet Spur II Red DeliciousM7
Septemeber Wonder® FujiBud9
Septemeber Wonder® FujiGeneva® 11
Septemeber Wonder® FujiNAKB-337
Septemeber Wonder® FujiPajam 2
ShizukaGeneva® 11
SmittenNIC® RN29
Smitten®Geneva® 41
SnackerjackGeneva® 11
Snapdragon®Geneva® 41
Snapdragon®Geneva® 935
Snapp™ StaymanBud9
Snapp™ StaymanM7
Snapp™ StaymanM111
Snowdrift CrabGeneva® 41
Snowdrift CrabNAKB-337
Snowdrift CrabM26
Snowdrift CrabM7
Snowdrift CrabGeneva® 935
Snowdrift CrabNIC® RN29
Story® InoredGeneva® 11
Stripe Fuji Geneva® 11
Stripe Fuji Geneva® 41
Summer RamboBud9
Summer RamboM7
Sun Fuji™Bud9
Suncrisp®Bud 10®
Suncrisp®Geneva® 11
Sunrise Magic®(Wa 2 cv) PP21,710Geneva® 11
Sunrise Magic®(Wa 2 cv) PP21,710NAKB-337
Sweet Zinger® MAIA-ZBud9
Sweet Zinger® MAIA-ZGeneva® 935
Sweet Zinger® MAIA-ZGeneva® 222
Ultima Gala®Bud9
Ultima Gala®Geneva® 11
Whitney CrabM7
Wildfire Gala®Bud9
Wildfire Gala®NAKB-337
Wildfire Gala®Geneva® 41
Wildfire™ GalaNAKB-337
Wildfire™ GalaGeneva® 11
Yellow NewtownM111
Yellow TransparentBud9
Yellow TransparentM7
Zestar!®Bud 10®
Zestar!®Geneva® 11

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