2023 Apple Tree Inventory as of 9/20/2022

This list below shows the varieties/rootstock availability among multiple nurseries. Availability, order minimums, and prices will vary.

The inventory below shows trees available across multiple nurseries. Not all nursery inventories are currently published, so please contact us for availability on varieties that are not listed.

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Apple VarietyRootstockQuantity
Albemarle Pippin M769
Ambrosia Bud95830
Ambrosia Geneva® 412110
Ambrosia M111898
Ambrosia M263323
Ambrosia M7525
Ambrosia NAKB-3371820
Ambrosia Pajam 2385
Ambrosia CVI Bud992
Autumn Crisp Bud 9 / EMLA 111191
Autumn Crisp Geneva® 4177
Auvil Early Fuji® Bud91030
Auvil Early Fuji® Geneva® 935480
Auvil Early Fuji® M7775
Aztec Fuji® Bud913614
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 416220
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 8903482
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 93514980
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 9691390
Aztec Fuji® M26346
Aztec Fuji® M7696
Aztec Fuji® NAKB-33719055
Aztec Fuji® NIC® RN29 14330
Baldwin M7410
BL-14 Gala Geneva® 117806
BL-14 Gala Geneva® 2101879
BL-14 Gala Geneva® 2141997
BL-14 Gala Geneva® 935502
Blondee® Bud9304
Blondee® Geneva® 11685
Brookfield® Gala Bud9500
Brookfield® Gala Geneva® 111052
Brookfield® Gala Geneva® 21436
Brookfield® Gala Geneva® 41400
Brookfield® Gala M2655
Buckeye® Gala Bud91786
Buckeye® Gala Geneva® 111042
Buckeye® Gala Geneva® 4110195
Cameron Select® Honeycrisp Bud1182970
Cameron Select® Honeycrisp Bud9700
Cammi® Geneva® 4184
Champagne Apple M7321
Chrisolyn® Jonathan Geneva® 41600
Cordera® Geneva® 93580
Cortland Bud91185
Cortland M7170
CosmicCrisp® Bud 10®746
CosmicCrisp® Geneva® 1121644
CosmicCrisp® Geneva® 210270
CosmicCrisp® Geneva® 21460
CosmicCrisp® Geneva® 4168845
CosmicCrisp® Geneva® 8903610
CosmicCrisp® Geneva® 9357472
CosmicCrisp® M1112845
CosmicCrisp® M2610623
CosmicCrisp® M74270
CosmicCrisp® NAKB-33762995
CosmicCrisp® NIC® RN29 15010
Crimson® Gala NIC® RN29 6510
Crimson® Gold Geneva® 41200
Crimson® Gold M11153
Crimson® Topaz Geneva® 4130
CrimsonCrisp® Bud 10®1405
CrimsonCrisp® Bud 9 / EMLA 111128
CrimsonCrisp® Bud96503
CrimsonCrisp® Geneva® 4150
CrimsonCrisp® Geneva® 935115
CrimsonCrisp® M7549
Crown™Empire(Crist cv.) Geneva® 11527
Crown™Empire(Crist cv.) Geneva® 41718
DA ROSA® Geneva® 11313
DA ROSA® Geneva® 93593
Dandee Red® Bud970
Dandee Red® Geneva® 11456
Daybreak™ Fuji Bud92767
Daybreak™ Fuji Geneva® 16474
Empire Bud980
Enterprise™ Bud9418
Enterprise™ Geneva® 935125
Evercrisp® MAIA 1 cv. Bud92315
Evercrisp® MAIA 1 cv. Geneva® 117364
Evercrisp® MAIA 1 cv. Geneva® 415870
Evercrisp® MAIA 1 cv. Geneva® 890760
Evercrisp® MAIA 1 cv. Geneva® 93563
Evercrisp® MAIA 1 cv. M71655
Evercrisp® MAIA 1 cv. NAKB-3373560
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Bud 10®18950
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Bud11812152
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Bud99240
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 1133870
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 213680
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 2147650
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 4110541
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 89027640
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 96916479
Firestorm Honeycrisp® M1061055
Firestorm Honeycrisp® M111203
Firestorm Honeycrisp® NAKB-3379140
Firestorm Honeycrisp® NIC® RN29 7440
Foxtrot™ Gala Geneva® 114923
Foxtrot™ Gala Geneva® 4110482
Fuji #12 Bud914
Fuji #12 Geneva® 4120
Fuji Supreme™ Bud947
Fuji Supreme™ Geneva® 115434
Fuji Supreme™ Geneva® 41100
Galarina Geneva® 41100
Galaval M263750
Gale® Gala Bud91694
Gale® Gala Geneva® 111646
Gale® Gala Geneva® 2021825
Gale® Gala Geneva® 41403
Gale® Gala Geneva® 96911
Gale® Gala M72297
Galy™ Inobi cv USPP31,287 Geneva® 114610
Gibson Golden Geneva® 8902125
Ginger Gold® Bud91823
Golden Delicious (Gibson) Bud91217
Golden Delicious (Gibson) Geneva® 113995
Golden Delicious (Gibson) Geneva® 41369
Golden Delicious (Gibson) Geneva® 89010
Golden Delicious (Gibson) Geneva® 9352730
Golden Delicious (Gibson) Geneva® 96916
Golden Delicious (Gibson) M264789
Golden Delicious (Gibson) M71187
Golden Delicious (Gibson) NAKB-3373459
Golden Delicious (Gibson) NIC® RN29 4451
GoldRush Geneva® 11249
GoldRush Geneva® 41400
GoldRush Geneva® 935421
Granny Smith Bud 10®1850
Granny Smith Bud9371
Granny Smith Geneva® 1110205
Granny Smith Geneva® 21010000
Granny Smith Geneva® 2141270
Granny Smith Geneva® 4118957
Granny Smith Geneva® 890664
Granny Smith Geneva® 9356520
Granny Smith Geneva® 9695059
Granny Smith NAKB-3378056
Granny Smith CVI Geneva® 116842
Granny Smith CVI Geneva® 41205
Granny Smith CVI Geneva® 969496
Hardy Cumberland Bud9140
Heliodor Antonovka30
Heliodor Bud915
Heliodor Geneva® 113601
Heliodor Geneva® 4120
Honeycrisp (MN1711) Geneva® 11255
Honeycrisp (MN1711) NAKB-337724
Honeycrisp (MN42) Bud9350
Honeygold M751
Idared Bud980
Idared Geneva® 9698
Improved Honeycrisp Geneva® 11426
Indian Summer Geneva® 2102380
Indian Summer NAKB-3372143
Indian Summer CVI Geneva® 93529
Indian Summer CVI Geneva® 969320
Indian Summer CVI NIC® RN29 1094
Jenks Pink Geneva® 4110000
JH Gala Bud9480
JH Gala Geneva® 113780
JH Gala Geneva® 21010000
JH Gala Geneva® 2141510
JH Gala Geneva® 4147300
Jonagold (orig) Bud920
Jonamac Bud9114
Jonaprince® Jonagold Geneva® 411700
Jonaprince® Jonagold Geneva® 9352825
Jonaprince® Jonagold M111735
Jonastar® Jonagold M26109
Jonathan Bud9120
Lady in Red® Geneva® 41209
Lady in Red® M7664
Lady in Red® NAKB-33713020
Liberty Bud9300
Liberty Geneva® 41140
LindaMac Bud9350
Lodi Bud 10®91
Lucy™ Rose Howell TC 2 cv Geneva® 210457
Macoun Geneva® 4188
MAIA 11 Rosalee™ Bud 10®62
MAIA 11 Rosalee™ Bud91820
MAIA 11 Rosalee™ Geneva® 935473
MAIA 11 Rosalee™ M2668
MAIA 12 Summerset® Bud91920
MAIA Z Sweet Zinger® Bud91950
MAIA Z Sweet Zinger® Geneva® 935671
MAIA12 Summerset® Geneva® 41121
MAIA-L Ludacrisp® Bud9460
MAIA-L Ludacrisp® Geneva® 111310
MAIA-L Ludacrisp® Geneva® 935358
MAIA-L Ludacrisp® V. 1280
Manchurian Crab Geneva® 115477
Manchurian Crab M72285
Manchurian Crab NAKB-3371745
Melrose Bud9191
Minneiska Bud 10®6590
Minneiska Bud9490
Minneiska Geneva® 112470
Minneiska V. 1420
Minneiska CVI Geneva® 890208
Minneiska CVI Geneva® 9353886
Minneiska CVI Geneva® 969363
Minneiska CVI Twin Leader Geneva® 935818
MN55 Bud 10®5740
MN55 Bud93290
MN55 Geneva® 112560
MN55 CVI Geneva® 41715
MN55 CVI Geneva® 9693138
Morning Mist® Fuji NIC® RN29 4651
Mt Blanc Crab Geneva® 935305
Mt Blanc Crab M268800
Mt Blanc Crab NAKB-3373572
Mt Blanc Crab NIC® RN29 733
Mt Evereste Crab Bud93329
Mt Evereste Crab Geneva® 1113845
Mt Evereste Crab Geneva® 2025045
Mt Evereste Crab Geneva® 414550
Mt Evereste Crab M265674
Mt Evereste Crab NAKB-3376224
Mt. Evereste Geneva® 210187
Mt. Evereste Geneva® 96957
Mt. Evereste NIC® RN29 1273
Mutsu Bud9280
Mutsu Geneva® 8901165
Mutsu M7359
Northern Spy Bud9100
Nova Easy Gro Bud118120
Nova Easy Gro Bud915
Nova Easy Gro Geneva® 93520
Novamac Bud9175
Novamac Geneva® 41200
Novamac Geneva® 935100
Novamac M7100
Pacific Gala® M7397
Pink Lady® Barnsby Bud 10®1290
Pink Lady® Barnsby Bud9122
Pink Lady® Barnsby Geneva® 1113937
Pink Lady® Barnsby Geneva® 2144426
Pink Lady® Barnsby Geneva® 41940
Pink Lady® Barnsby NAKB-33713915
Pink Lady® Cripps Geneva® 1116375
Pink Lady® Cripps Geneva® 41370
Pink Lady® Cripps NAKB-337792
Pink Lady® Maslin M7405
Pink Lady® Rosy Glow Geneva® 11100
Pink Lady® Rosy Glow Geneva® 21010000
Pink Lady® Rosy Glow Geneva® 41600
Pink Lady® Ruby Pink Geneva® 1124864
Pink Lady® Ruby Pink NAKB-33715110
Pink Pearl M7124
Pioneer™ Mac Bud9246
Pixie Crunch™ Geneva® 4142
Pixie Crunch™ M11115
Porter's Perfection M778
Premier Honeycrisp® Bud 10®902
Premier Honeycrisp® Bud911712
Premier Honeycrisp® Geneva® 112224
Premier Honeycrisp® Geneva® 161391
Premier Honeycrisp® Geneva® 2133920
Premier Honeycrisp® Geneva® 2144250
Premier Honeycrisp® Geneva® 416000
Premier Honeycrisp® Geneva® 8901790
Premier Honeycrisp® Geneva® 93518104
Premier Honeycrisp® Geneva® 969141
Premier Honeycrisp® NAKB-3374250
Premier Honeycrisp® NIC® RN29 1351
Pristine Bud9220
Pristine Geneva® 93570
Querina Geneva® 41200
Red Cameo™ M71494
Red Delicious (Blush) M111100
Red Delicious (Snavely) M111100
Red Jonagold Bud968
Red King Flesh Geneva® 2022680
Red King Flesh NAKB-337570
Red Rubens M7375
Redfield™ Braeburn M71969
Redfree Bud9110
Redfree Geneva® 41170
Redridge Gala™ Geneva® 41290
Redridge Gala™ Geneva® 935140
Ribston Pippin M7115
Rising Sun® Fuji Geneva® 41720
Rising Sun® Fuji M7100
Roseland Red™ Honeycrisp Bud9450
Roseland Red™ Honeycrisp Geneva® 11203
Roseland Red™ Honeycrisp Geneva® 41500
Roseland Red™ Honeycrisp NAKB-337100
Royal Court® Geneva® 16208
Royal Court® M2673
Royal Court® Bud9600
Royal Court® M726
Royal Crimson Topaz Antonovka60
Royal Crimson Topaz Geneva® 41200
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Bud 10®990
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Bud94314
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 1197
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 210176
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 411319
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 89017087
Royal Red Honeycrisp® M265858
Royal Red Honeycrisp® NAKB-33717179
Royal Red Honeycrisp® NIC® RN29 1738
Royal™ Empire Bud925
Royal™ Empire M26432
RubyMac® Bud91228
RubyMac® Geneva® 41870
RubyMac® M7546
Sansa Bud9301
Sansa Geneva® 11101
Sansa Geneva® 93520
Scarlet Spur II Red Delicious M106895
Scarlet Spur II Red Delicious M1114585
Scarlet Spur II Red Delicious M7663
Schlect Spur Red Delicious Geneva® 41200
September Wonder® Fuji Bud118140
September Wonder® Fuji Geneva® 41814
September Wonder® Fuji M7405
Shizuka Bud9772
Shizuka M752
Smokehouse Bud9321
Snapp™ Stayman M111137
Snapp™ Stayman Bud935
Snapp™ Stayman M7580
Snowdrift crab Geneva® 112180
Snowdrift crab Geneva® 2102602
Snowdrift crab Geneva® 4110418
Snowdrift crab Geneva® 93577
Snowdrift crab Geneva® 969708
Snowdrift crab M2611160
Snowdrift crab NAKB-3373347
Snowdrift crab NIC® RN29 1137
Snowsweet® Antonovka10
Snowsweet® Bud118100
Snowsweet® Bud9220
Snowsweet® Geneva® 93565
Story® Inored Antonovka70
Story® Inored Bud920
Story® Inored Geneva® 113877
Summer Rambo M7142
Sun Fuji™ Bud9306
Suncrisp® Bud9761
Super Chief® Red Delicious Geneva® 93568
Sweet Sixteen Bud939
Sweetie™ NAKB-3374651
Taylor's Rome Geneva® 8904
Taylor's Rome Geneva® 9696
Temptation Gala Geneva® 1117246
Triumph™ (MN80) Bud92900
Triumph™ (MN80) Geneva® 11990
Triumph™ (MN80) Geneva® 413987
Triumph™ (MN80) Geneva® 935810
Triumph™ (MN80) Geneva® 969590
Triumph™ (MN80) V. 1200
Ultima Gala® Geneva® 11131
Ultima Gala® Geneva® 41245
Ultima Gala® Geneva® 969789
Wealthy M111289
Wealthy M7130
Wildfire™ Gala Bud93340
Wildfire™ Gala Geneva® 2104040
Wildfire™ Gala Geneva® 412880
Wildfire™ Gala NAKB-3372130
Williams Pride Bud9210
Wilton's® Red Jonaprince Bud9371
WineCrisp™ Bud9326
WineCrisp™ Geneva® 41110
WineCrisp™ Geneva® 93580
Winesap #201 Bud935
Yellow Newtown M1111940
Yellow Transparent Bud9170
Zestar!® Bud118100
Zestar!® Bud9160

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