2023 Apple Tree Inventory

This list below shows the varieties/rootstock availability among multiple nurseries. Availability, order minimums, and prices will vary.

The inventory below shows trees available across multiple nurseries. Not all nursery inventories are currently published, so please contact us for availability on varieties that are not listed.

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Updated 5/17/23

Apple VarietyRootstockQuantity
Ambrosia Pajam 2170
Ambrosia Geneva® 11504
Ambrosia NAKB-337662
Ambrosia Geneva® 412415
Ambrosia Bud93679
Auvil Early Fuji® Bud9125
Auvil Early Fuji® M26200
Auvil Early Fuji® M7592
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 890132
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 41221
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 969376
Aztec Fuji® Pajam 2520
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 11635
Aztec Fuji® Pajam 21248
Aztec Fuji® NAKB-3375342
Aztec Fuji® Bud910119
Aztec Fuji® Geneva® 93512837
Aztec Fuji® NIC® RN29 14495
Buckeye® Gala Geneva® 213100
Buckeye® Gala Geneva® 890896
Buckeye® Gala Geneva® 411105
Cameron Select® Honeycrisp Bud118651
Cameron Select® Honeycrisp Bud91465
Chrisolyn® Jonathan Geneva® 41645
CrimsonCrisp® Bud9780
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 213104
Firestorm Honeycrisp® V. 1298
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 2141051
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 8903569
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Bud 10®5734
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 9699179
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 4110417
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Geneva® 1110688
Firestorm Honeycrisp® NAKB-33711174
Firestorm Honeycrisp® Bud911206
Foxtrot™ Gala Geneva® 417600
Fuji Supreme™ Geneva® 114310
Galaval Geneva® 11265
Galaval Geneva® 41355
Galaval™ M261975
Gale® Gala Geneva® 202305
Gale® Gala Bud99746
Gale® Gala NAKB-33711715
Galy™ Inobi cv Geneva® 114635
Ginger Gold® Bud9110
Golden Delicious (Gibson) Geneva® 890759
Golden Delicious (Gibson) Geneva® 9351649
Golden Delicious (Gibson) NIC® RN29 2260
Golden Delicious (Gibson) NAKB-3373329
Granny Smith Geneva® 9691104
Granny Smith NAKB-3373165
Heliodor™ Geneva® 113040
Honeycrisp (MN1711) M7315
Indian Summer NAKB-337695
JH Gala Geneva® 214890
JH Gala Geneva® 113010
JH Gala Geneva® 2104900
JH Gala Geneva® 4110005
Jonaprince® Jonagold Geneva® 935885
Lady in Red® M7165
Lady in Red® Geneva® 41520
Lady in Red® NAKB-3372634
MAIA 11 Rosalee™ Bud91415
MAIA 12 Summerset® Bud91171
MAIA Z Sweet Zinger® Bud91897
MAIA-L Ludacrisp® V. 1864
Manchurian Crab Geneva® 11290
Manchurian Crab M7480
Minneiska Geneva® 935346
Minneiska V. 11673
Minneiska Geneva® 112961
Minneiska Bud 10®8554
MN55 cv Geneva® 11865
MN55 cv Bud93982
MN55 cv Bud 10®4337
Mt Blanc Crab NAKB-3373697
Mt Blanc Crab M268855
Mt Evereste Crab Geneva® 210170
Mt Evereste Crab Geneva® 969400
Mt Evereste Crab Geneva® 935709
Mt Evereste Crab Geneva® 111600
Mt Evereste Crab Bud92910
Mt Evereste Crab M264029
Mt Evereste Crab NAKB-3375281
Mt Evereste Crab Geneva® 4110142
Mutsu Geneva® 890677
Newtown Pippin Geneva® 890153
Pink Lady® Barnsby Geneva® 2142305
Pink Lady® Barnsby Geneva® 114019
Pink Lady® Barnsby NAKB-3379351
Pink Lady® Cripps NAKB-337738
Pink Lady® Cripps Geneva® 417154
Pink Lady® Cripps Pink cv Geneva® 116294
Pink Lady® Maslin M7400
Pink Lady® Ruby Pink Bud 10®120
Pink Lady® Ruby Pink NAKB-337510
Pink Lady® Ruby Pink Geneva® 114672
Premier Honeycrisp® Geneva® 214167
Premier Honeycrisp® Geneva® 11188
Premier Honeycrisp® Bud 10®1242
Premier Honeycrisp® NIC® RN29 1907
Premier Honeycrisp® Geneva® 8904063
Premier Honeycrisp® Geneva® 2134945
Premier Honeycrisp® NAKB-3375007
Premier Honeycrisp® Geneva® 416727
Premier Honeycrisp® Geneva® 9356823
Premier Honeycrisp® Bud98156
Red Cameo™ M7633
Red King Flesh NAKB-337124
Red King Flesh Geneva® 202225
Redfield™ Braeburn M71077
Roseland Red® Honeycrisp Geneva® 113312
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 111498
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 411702
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Bud92447
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Pajam 22806
Royal Red Honeycrisp® Geneva® 8908260
RubyMac® M7199
RubyMac® Geneva® 41978
September Wonder® Fuji M7239
September Wonder® Fuji NAKB-3372287
Snowdrift Crab Geneva® 11270
Snowdrift Crab Geneva® 2101030
Snowdrift Crab M262984
Snowdrift Crab M73024
Snowdrift Crab NAKB-3373257
Snowdrift Crab Geneva® 413290
Snowdrift Crab Geneva® 9357256
Story® Inored Geneva® 113817
Sweetie™ NAKB-3373503
Temptation Gala NIC® RN29 246
Triumph® Geneva® 969156
Triumph® Geneva® 41191
Triumph® Geneva® 11211
Triumph® Bud9220
Wildfire™ Gala Bud9405

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