What services do you provide?

Much like a travel agent, we have inventories of the nurseries for whom we sell and can find the trees you require and place the order for you. This relieves you of the burden of contacting various nurseries to try and find trees. Your price is the same, whether you order through Summit Tree Sales or call the nursery direct. We can also give advice as to what nursery has the best quality and/or the best price.. We also, coordinate shipping with the nursery.

What do you charge?

Your price is the same price you would pay the nursery if you ordered directly with them.

How do you get paid?

The nursery pays us a commission, like many sales people.

How soon should I order?

There’s really no certain time for ordering…the sooner the better. Because it is a two year process for a budded tree, once something is sold out, it will only become available if someone cancels their order. It’s not possible to determine when a variety/rootstock combination may become sold out.

Will you help me determine what varieties I should plant?

While the final decision of what to plant is really your decision, we can help you in offering what knowledge we have about different varieties and rootstocks. You should access available resources in determining what to plant, first starting with your extension agent.

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What rootstock should I plant?

This is determined by the size of the finished tree you prefer, your soil type and where you are located (zone).

What are my options if the trees I want are not available?

You could, of course, substitute something else, or we can place your order on a “wait list” with a nursery that has propagated the variety/rootstock combination you prefer. This would put you in line for any trees that may become available through cancellations. If you do not wish to order, but would like to be notified if the trees were to become available, we can put your request on our “want list”. If something does become available, we can contact you at that time.

What happens after I place my order?

We will place your order with the nursery (ies) and you will receive an acknowledgment of your order. Just follow their instructions for confirming the order and send them any required deposit. Your invoice after shipping will come directly from the supplying nursery. If you have any questions or changes, just let us know and we will take care of them.

If the nursery is not able to supply the trees I want, will they automatically carry the order forward to the next planting season?

Most nurseries DO NOT automatically carry the order forward. They may contact you and ask if you would like to have the order for the following delivery year or you may have to re-order. Each nursery is a bit different.

Should I order “contract grown” trees? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Most nurseries require a minimum of 1000 trees for a contract order. Some require that all 1000 trees be the same variety/rootstock combination. Many only require that the total number of trees be at least 1000 and can be more than one variety.

One advantage of ordering contract grown trees is to get the variety/rootstock you want when you want them. Secondly, you save on the price of the tree. Because the nursery has a contract sale prior to budding, they do not have to speculate about what they think they can sell. The incentive to contract ahead is a reduction in price.

Do I need to prune my trees at planting?

Please be sure to read your warranty. Not pruning your trees at planting time may void your warranty. In the nursery, the trees are planted very close together which limits the amount of space given the rootstock to grow. Also, the equipment used to dig the trees can cut off some of the roots. In order to keep the top and root in balance, pruning is recommended.

What spacing should I use?

This will be dependent upon finished tree size, the training system you use, and your equipment.

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