A vigorous, standard-sized rootstock commonly used with Asian pear varieties. It performs well in heavy soils and is very tolerant of wet soils. It has good fireblight and crown gall resistance; however is not quite as winter hardy as other pear rootstocks.

Bartlett Seedling

The most commonly used standard rootstock. Susceptible to fireblight, Bartlett seedling is moderately vigorous, well anchored and adapted to a wide range of soil types.

OHxF97 (Old Home x Farmingdale 97)

Much more precocious, OHxF97 is similar in vigor to Bartlett Seedling. It is resistant to fireblight and pear decline and is winter hardy. Works well with Asian pears.


A Precocious and productive rootstock, OHx87 will, if allowed to bear heavily, produce a tree somewhat smaller than Bartlett seedling. It is winter hardy and resistant to fireblight.



Approximately 70% – 80% of Bartlett seedling, this clonal selection is fireblight resistant and winter hardy.


A moderately vigorous rootstock with good precosity and high yield efficiency. Adapted to a wide range of soil types, it has good fireblight and crown gall resistance. It is slightly less vigorous than OHxF87. Good potential for high density plantings.


A semi-dwarfing rootstock about 2/3 of standard, OHxF333 is resistant to fireblight, collar rot, wooly aphids and pear decline.


Provence Quince BA-29C

A low vigor rootstock with fair anchorage, it is not a very winter hardy rootstock. Very susceptible to iron chlorosis and susceptible to fireblight, it’s compatibility is poor with most cultivars. It is very good on heavy soils and tolerant of wet soils.