The YieldMax is a premium picking bucket with innovative features to maximize your yield through minimizing fruit bruising and wearer fatigue.

  • Durable polyethylene shell with polyurethane foam casing
  • The kidney shaped shell fits to the wearer’s body shape and keeps the weight of the fruit closer to the body.
  • The shell is wider at the bottom, allowing for the easy flow of fruit and vegetables out of the bucket when emptying.
  • Buckets can be nested on top of each other saving storage space and making transporting easier.

Three harness options are available (see below). Submit your order inquiry today to find out more about product options and pricing.

YieldMAX Picking Bucket – Ergonomic

The Ergonomic Bucket and Harness system gives added support to the lower back. The harness uses two pads that come across the shoulders and a broad pad at the rear. Two handles connect this rear pad to the bucket forming a four point connection. Strain is taken off the shoulders as the weight is transferred onto the hips and lumbar region of the back. Handles easily disengage from the hooks when emptying. The Ergonomic bucket is suitable for all fruit pickers who need the best in lumbar support.

Sold in Cartons of 4

YieldMAX Picking Bucket – Standard Harness

This harness has two wide, padded shoulder pads in high-density foam crossing over at the mid-back area. Suitable for all fruit pickers from those with only a few acres to those with many hundreds this is a solid, good all-round bucket that will last for many years.

Sold in Cartons of 4

YieldMAX Picking Bucket – Support+

The Support+ Harness conforms to the shoulders for improved comfort. The large surface area of the harness spreads the load across the back.

Sold in Cartons of 4