MAIA1 marketed as EverCrisp® is undoubtedly one of the best eating apples recently released. However, for MAIA grower members, one complaint has been the difficulty to produce fruit with good color. Especially on young trees, fruit can tend to look more like older fuji strains. With more mature trees and reflective materials, growers have overcome some of the coloring deficiencies . With MAIA-Mitchell cv, growers can look forward to even better and earlier coloring EverCrisp®.

Availability of MAIA-Mitchell cv will be extremely limited for 2024, and if you would like trees for 2025 we suggest booking now. Budwood for all new releases is in short supply, so please contact our office (800.424.2765) as soon as possible to reserve trees for 2025.

From the press release of the Midwest Apple Improvement Association:

May 7, 2023

The Midwest Apple Improvement Association (MAIA) proudly presents MAIA-Mitchell, an advanced and more vibrant coloring strain of its groundbreaking predecessor, MAIA-1. This revolutionary chili red apple boasts an impressive color, which begins developing up to 8 weeks earlier than MAIA-1, with up to 88% of the fruit displaying its stunning hue.

Consumers can expect the same exceptional qualities found in MAIA-1, including a superior crunchy texture, maximum juiciness, and unparalleled flavor. Discovered by Bill Pitts in Wayne County, NY, in 2018, MAIA-Mitchell emerged as a limb mutation in a commercial orchard. With a patent pending (USPTO Application Number 18130019), MAIA- Mitchell’s fruit, which meets strict quality standards, will be marketed as EverCrisp®.