Granny Smith is one of the most popular apples in the world, but its late ripening window makes it difficult to grow for those in northern states. Italian apple breeder Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti (CIV) has introduced Smeralda which may prove to be a profitable alternative for those who cannot ripen Granny Smith.

Smeralda has a number of positive qualities. According to CIV, the fruit is “medium large with smooth, uniform, green color, without noticeable lenticels.” Ripening 30 days before Granny Smith, it’s high in sugar and acidity (Brix 13.5 and Acidity 8.2 g/l Malic Acid according to the CIV brochure). Smeralda is also resistant to scab and is an annual bearer.

If Smeralda would be a good fit for your farm, call our office (800.424.2765) and we can discuss availability.

Ripens: Early season, a week after Gala.

Color: Granny Smith Green

Growth Habit: Moderate vigor, compact with short branches.

Disease: Resistant to scab.

Storage: Excellent storage life, 12 months (or more).