Nurseries and variety marketing firms have introduced numerous new Gala strains in the last five years. These new Gala sports mutated from red strains that were already considered by growers to be substantial improvements. Use this reference sheet to help determine what Gala strain is the best fit for your planting plans.

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Early Ripening Galas

Wildfire Gala PP28,721

Discovered in Royal City, WA, Wildfire™ Gala is being offered under license agreement with Helios Nursery. This is the earliest maturing Gala available. The fruit harvests three weeks before standard Gala and finishes with a bright, cherry red color. Fruit size is small to medium, and the fruit shape is more round than standard Gala.

RedRidge™ Gala PPAF

A new introduction from International Plant Management, RedRidge™ Gala was discovered in a Brookfield Gala planting in Comstock Park, MI. It ripens 5-7 days ahead of standard Gala. RedRidge™ colors early, developing a deep red blush ahead of other Gala strains.

Standard Gala Ripening Time

Bigbucks® Gala PP29,365

A mutation of Corder Gala, Bigbucks® Gala was found on Buks Nel’s farm in South Africa. While ripening at standard Gala timing, Bigbucks® consistently colors early to a full deep red blush. Fruit size is medium.

Buckeye Prime® Gala PP24,639

Buckeye® Prime is a mutation of the original Buckeye® Gala with a brighter cherry red color and much heavier striping. Buckeye® Prime retains the original Buckeye ability to color in hot climates. It is virtually 100% red with a dark red strip.

BL-14 Gala PP27,867

BL-14 Gala is a new high color strain of Gala. This was found as a limb sport of an Ultima Gala tree. This sport develops a deep red stripe. BL-14 is touted as having uniformity in fruit ripening and coloring which will make for easier harvest management. BL-14 is marketed by Willow Drive Nursery.

Foxtrot Gala PP25,664

Foxtrot Gala colors earlier than older Gala strains and finishes with a bright red blush color. Foxtrot is believed to be a whole tree mutation of Tenroy Gala found near Quincy, WA.

Galaval PP19,909

Galaval originates from France and is one of the most popular Gala strains in Europe. It is a red sport of Galaxy Gala. It is a full red Gala with dark red stripes. This variety is marketed by the International New Varieties Network (INN).

Temptation Gala PP31,443

Temptation Gala is a sport of Foxtrot Gala. Mike & Brian’s and Brandt’s Fruit Trees have the exclusive license. It colors fully and earlier then Foxtrot, and much earlier than Buckeye. It is promoted as having very high pressure at harvest.